JAMES ATKIN (EMF) announces new solo album, ‘Popcorn Storm’, release date 21st April 2019

JAMES ATKIN (EMF) announces new solo album, 'Popcorn Storm', release date 21st April 2019

EMF frontman James Atkin has topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, enjoyed platinum-selling album success, received an Ivor Novello nomination for his songwriting and toured the world many times over. He is now about to release his new solo album, ‘Popcorn Storm’, in Easter 2019. The album along with other fan experiences will be available exclusively through James’ own site, www.jamesatkinmusic.com

James on the new album:

“Oh hi, James here. Thank you for joining me. You may remember me from the 90s band EMF, or from my outings with Bentley Rhythm Ace or from my last two solo albums A Country Mile and The Party Faithful.

So what are we doing here? Good question. Well as the nights draw in on the final days of 2018 I’ve busied myself in the studio writing, recording, producing a new solo album. It’s titled Popcorn Storm. I’ve definitely gone back down the electronic path to what I love most, using old school drum machines analogue synths and sounds that will spaz out the pill heads.

Saying that though it’s still song based with my distinct vocals keeping in mind melodies and hooks. The last few months I’ve holed hold myself up here in my studio in the Yorkshire Dales producing music I honestly think is worthy of a listen I’m so looking forward to sharing it with you.”

Check out ‘Western Love’ – BELOW:

Preorder ‘Popcorn Storm’ from https://jamesatkinmusic.com/


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