Is music today becoming more obsessed with Money?

Is music today becoming more obsessed with Money?

We all love music, and there are times where we get attached to a particular artist and continue to listen to them for weeks, month and even years. Nowadays, the hip hop era of music has taken control of the entire music industry. Several global music icons such as rappers have managed to set the stage on fire with their amazing lyrics.

The rap era is mainstream glory. Since the hip hop stream has taken control of the music industry with its fame and popularity, many famous rappers describe their wealth and fame in their lyrics. If you are interested in knowing about the favourite song’s lyrics about Money, read our full-filling article in which we will describe some of the all-time famous lyrics about Money.

Lyrics about Money     

1. Money changes everything by Cyndi Lauper

Previously this fantastic song was sung by the band The Brains. It was a major hit back in 1984. People of every genre and age loved this one. Later in 1984, the famous singer Cyndi made her terrific debut in her album she's so unusual. This song was a big hit. In this song, Cyndi showed how much she loved a guy and how willing she was to marry him until a richer guy showed up, and she decided to change her mind. Well, Money does change everything!


2. Money- That's what I want by Flying Lizards

 This song has also been a significant hit of its time. Flying lizards sing the rat tattoo version with Deborah Evan's upper top choruses; wow, it just made it a super hit among many people. People have been singing the song at concerts and various other musical shows. It's enjoyed by many, and people love to dance on it.


3. A Milli- Lil Wayne

The fans call it their millie anthem and say it out loud God bless him, Wayne! It is unknown or has a little fact that proves that the song is an indication towards Republican senator Everette Dirksen. It says astoundingly *A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you are talking real Money * we are not sure about that, but fans call it their millie anthem. The tone and the beat are all up to the mark.


4. Opportunities - Let make a lot of Money by Pet Shop Boys.

Remember the time of Prime Minister Thatcher or the era of Thatcherism. This song was sung back then in the 80s by the pet shop boys And Neil, who sang the chorus saying* you have got brains, and I got Looks, let's make Money* Wuhu! The song shows that even though it's a hustler who thinks he has eventually found his copartner in every crime, he still isn't going to make any money. Why? Because of his unreliable character! Ouch.


5. C.R.E.A.M by Wu-Tang Clan

Not to miss on this. This stands for the clash, rule, everything, around, me. This song was sung by the famous clan band The Wu-Tang in 1993. It was from their album named 36 chambers. Its importance lies over the fact that cream became a significant slang for the word Money. So if someone comes up to you and says cream, it means Money. So don't miss out on this. This slang became a major hit among the youth and is still recalled by many around.


6. Money Money Money by Abba

We all know how much Money means to every being on this planet earth and this sweet harmonious song sung by the swedes tells nothing but the truth. This song marks the end of the Napoleonic wars occurring in 1976. It explains how a person is so eager and curious to know what it feels like to have a little money in his pocket and how he wants to conquer the world with a small amount of money. Very well said and very thoughtful. We know Money is everything nowadays and that's not a lie at all.


7. Bitch better have my Money by Rihanna

You don't want to mess with Rihanna. She's an icon and loved by every age group. There's no such song that hasn't reached the top, and this song with lyrics about money isn't standing down. The video and the music both are pretty intense. Cars are burning, and the boss demands her Money. If you still haven't seen the video, you better watch it. It's crazy and amazing.


8. Bills, Bills, Bills by Destiny's Child

You got to pay your bills, honey. This gothic and not-so-sweet song has made it to the top of the chart in its time. The song typically means that I loved every person who knows what it feels like to have their paycheck on time. This song represents a harsh banger who carelessly flips his head here and there while holding his salary. Well, it seems as if he had conquered the world, and there's no stopping!

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