Irish DJ WELSHY shares new single ‘All For You’ – Listen Now!

Irish DJ WELSHY shares new single 'All For You' - Listen Now!

Looking for the next superstar DJ? If so, Welshy is definitely a contender. The young Irishman’s debut single ‘Haiti’ made a compelling case for his rising status, achieving over 8 million streams; commandeering the airwaves with playlists at Radio 1, Kiss FM, Kiss Dance and Capital Dance; and hitting countless key dance playlists at Spotify and Apple Music. His engaging personality also prospered at TikTok, where he tripled his following and amassed 1.6 million likes.

And there’s no letting up as Welshy today shares his follow-up single ‘All For You’. Welshy again found inspiration for exploring life-affirming sounds from world music, this time sourcing its key sample from Rokia Traoré’sinspirational ‘Ka Moun Kè’. That was the jumping point for Welshy to create another rapturous, crowd-pleasing anthem, completing his midas touch with punchy house keys, potent beats and a beautiful topline from SHELLS (‘Jailbird’).

Welshy had created a demo of ‘All For You’ back in October, but felt it needed some English language vocals to help bring the story behind ‘Ka Moun Kè’ to life. And so he enlisted SHELLS and co-writer/co-producer Neave Applebaum (Joel Corry’s ‘Head & Heart’ and ‘BED’) as collaborators for his first-ever Zoom session.

“I was so nervous, but the guys are amazingly talented, so much fun and easy to work with,” says Welshy. “My fondest memory was after Sarah (SHELLS) suggested we take a break for an hour. I was gobsmacked when I came back, as the vocals Sarah had recorded were everything I imagined that the song should be. From there everything fell into place and it was an absolute delight to work on. This track means the world to me as I’ve been given so much creative freedom”.

Listen to ‘All For You’ – BELOW:

Welshy, real name Ross Walsh, was already making an impact prior to signing to Insanity Records with attention from leading lights such as BTS, Kygo and The Chainsmokers alongside his early bootlegs and remixes. More big names came on board in the wake of ‘Haiti’, with remixes courtesy of the BRIT-nominated Nathan Dawe and Robbie Doherty. He also shared a fun video for the track, which combined attention-grabbing choreography with a host of subtle visual references to the story behind the song.

Having been producing music since his early teens, both ‘All For You’ and ‘Haiti’ prove that Welshy has discovered his identity as an artist – and it’s a style that can take him global. There’s so much more to come too. “I can’t wait to show you what’s next!”

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