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WELSHY releases new single ‘Haiti’ - Listen Now

It’s a well-known fact that Ireland, as a country, has always punched pretty hard in terms of music exporting globally over the years. XS Noize Neal McClelland catches up one of the new breeds of young rising stars Welshy (real name Ross Walsh) from the island who is presently riding high on a crest of success on with his track ‘Haiti’ and turning a lot of heads in his direction.

Where did your electronic musical roots begin developing?

Welshy: My early days began at 14 or 15, I’d always wanted to DJ, and I was very quick to learn. To get gigs, you needed to produce music. I downloaded a program called FL Studio and began watching a million and one Youtube videos a day, trying to learn the craft of music production. That led to me getting some gigs, and it built up from there.

Where did the concept for ‘Haiti’ come from?

Welshy: It started as a challenge. I sampled the sound of a rugby ball being hit. That became the kick or beat of ‘Haiti’. I needed to find a vocal that would fit that beat, and by chance, I had a vocal on my computer that I found then I threw it over the beat and it worked!

That was the original beat of ‘Haiti’ and that was the original demo that I uploaded, which went viral and led to me signing the track with the label Insanity Records. That led to the official version that you can hear now released – It’s a crazy story.

How do you feel that are you getting on musically in general?

Welshy: Yeah I’m flying in Ireland at the minute. I’m just happy. I’ve been very fortunate with the opportunities that I’ve been given and all the gigs I’ve done over the years.

Is there an area of Electronic Music that you can see yourself evolving into?

Welshy: I guess I don’t have a final destination where I want to go to. However I love Calvin Harris, he’s so innovative, he’s probably the only artist that can make any music genre. I want to try new genres, a bit of everything. I’d love to be known as a worldwide producer making music for other people.

Apart from Calvin Harris, who inspires you, musically?

Welshy: Avicii! The first time I heard ‘Seek Bromance’ I was like…what is that? I was inspired by local legends Marc McCabe & John Gibbons, and more with John’s new sound-making House Music, he inspires me and lives locally.

OK, there’s a new 14-year-old new Welshy out there, what advice do you give to him or her?

Welshy: Learn your craft; don’t be afraid to put some music onto the internet. I have loads of videos of my younger days online, and I’ll never delete them. It shows where I was and where I’ve progressed to now. I guess I hope it will be an inspiration to other people. If you are happy with your music, don’t be afraid to put it out online. ‘Gigwise’ take every opportunity that you can, regardless of the gig, treat it like you are playing at Tomorrowland.

And what about if that person can’t finish making a track or is stuck?

Welshy: If I’m stuck on a track, I like to leave it and start something new. Youtube is the best thing in the world. Creatively look to other artists, what they are doing & find your own sound. It’s all available to you on Youtube. Come back with fresh ears, get inspired by other people, listen to more new music.

‘Haiti’ is flying on Spotify globally. How do you feel?

Welshy: It’s a moment I’ll never understand how it happened to me. It was hard work.

Lastly – One word that describes the concept, delivery & reception of the track.

Welshy: I guess innovative!

Welshy is a very level headed young man, who knows exactly where he wants to go and how to get there, 100%. We see big things coming from him in the future.


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