INTERVIEW: Tiny Magnetic Pets on new album 'Blue Wave'

Tiny Magnetic Pets
Credit: Conor Kerr

Named after the collectable Japanese toy, Tiny Magnetic Pets from Dublin are unique in the Irish music scene. Rather than be influenced by singer/songwriters or indie rock, they take their inspiration from Bowie’s Berlin period, 70s krautrock, 80s synthpop and 60s psychedelia - all blended in their studio with a 21st-century approach to form something uniquely their own.

With the delicate yet powerful vocal delivery of Paula Gilmer, it could be said that Tiny Magnetic Pets operate in uncharted musical water, somewhere between Blondie and Kraftwerk.

Mark Millar had the pleasure to sit down with Paula Gilmer (Vocals, Synthesizers) and Sean Quinn (Vocals, Guitar) to talk about making their amazing new album Blue Wave, lockdown, musical influences and more.

Watch the interview with Paula & Sean – BELOW:

"Automation has a dancey, industrial, brilliant beat and is utterly fabulous".

"Blue Waves Pts I-III begins as a hybrid of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” and OMD’s “Joan of Arc” with extra dramatic military drum beats and lush layers of swaggering synth".

Credit: Conor Kerr

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