INTERVIEW: Alias Kid’s Sean O’Donnell Writes Charity Football Anthem Dedicated to Sergio Kun Aguero

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Manchester’s Alias Kid certainly don’t do things by halves, they just do what they want! After turning Alan McGee’s head, the man behind Oasis, Primal Scream and The Jesus & Marychain, just to name a few, they’ve played with some of the biggest names in music and released their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Revolt to Revolt’.

Firmly under McGee’s wing, the band have taken a little time out to work on upcoming releases, one of them being this absolute beauty of a football anthem dedicated to Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero. Mark Millar caught up with Alias Kid’s singer/guitarist Sean O’Donnell to talk about what the band have been up to and the track dedicated to Sergio Kun Aguero (Scorin’ All Over The World).

Alias Kid

When did the band get together?

The band got together about three years ago we did some gigs around town then we got a record deal off Alan McGee pretty quickly and we headed out on the road supporting Black Grape, Happy Mondays and Jesus and Mary Chain then we released an album (Revolt to Revolt) then hit the road again for a couple of years.

How did you get involved with Alan McGee?

He came down to our 3rd or 4th gig and after the gig he said; “ill give you a ring tomorrow.” And he rang the next day and said; “do you want a record deal?” and we said; “Yeah!” He sent us up to record the album in Scotland which took a couple of weeks and then we toured it for quite a while.

What music has influenced you?

For me personally, I like Oasis, The Sex Pistols, T-Rex and Green Day.

The band’s debut album Revolt to Revolt was very well received how did things change for the band afterward?

It did, straight away we were put on tour. When Alan McGee signed us we were playing to 70 people in a pub then we were playing to 5000 people supporting the Happy Mondays.

The band is about to release a football anthem dedicated to Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero. Called scorin allover the world. How did that come about?

I better say first of all its not all the band involved with the song. A couple of the band are Manchester United fans you see and want absolutely nothing to do with it (Laughs). And if I said anything different they would be kicking off and there probably wouldn’t be a band in the morning. We are supposed to be recording stuff to release next year we weren’t supposed to be doing this. What happened was I was messing about on the guitar playing Rockin All Over The World by Status Quo in the bedroom and because I go to watch football a lot I started doing this chant and I thought “that’s alright that.” So I recorded it on my phone and I sent it to a couple of my mates and there’s a fella who knows Manchester City’s, Sergio Aguero and he messaged me about 2 days after and he said, “the song you sent to me I sent it to Aguero, and Aguero messaged back and said he loves it.”

So I thought since Alias Kid aren’t doing anything ill get a few musicians together and some local supporters down and record it for a laugh. When it was finished I sent it to my mate who knows Aguero and said; “give him that and tell him its a present from us.” So Aguero retweeted it and when he did that it went mental! So we thought we would release the song and give all the money to charity. I had to go to the band first and ask their permission because they are Manchester United fans. They said, ” it’s your band too and if you want to do it, do it but it won’t be nothing to do with us.” So we are putting it out and all the money is going to go to Musicians Against Homelessness because our PR girl for our album Emma Rule is in charge of Musicians Against Homelessness and Alan McGee is a patron so it makes sense for us.

Watch the video for Sergio Kun Aguero (Scorin’ All Over The World) Here

INTERVIEW: Alias Kid's Sean O'Donnell Writes Charity Football Anthem Dedicated to Sergio Kun Aguero

I hear the band are in the studio recording new tracks.

Yeah, we were on the road for over 2 years touring the album. If anyone knows anything about music these days unless you start hitting the top of the charts as an indie band a lot of bands still have day jobs in factories. You are on the road during the night and doing a job during the day. It’s tough getting a couple of hours sleep every night and getting trains everywhere. We did it for over 2 years so basically we had ten months off cos I’ve just had a baby and needed time off to do what I wanted to do. We have been demoing a couple of tracks and the only gig we are doing is the Shine Festival this year so we need to go and do some rehearsals for that and demo some tracks at the back end of this year. We are hoping to start releasing a song a month from January this year.

Do you all share the songwriting duties?

No, me and Maz do it. If I write a song ill sing it and Maz will do the backing and vice versa. When we got the record deal and headed out on tour we started at 50/50. We write everything together. This song is the only thing we haven’t done together because he’s a Man Utd fan (Laughs).

What have you been listening to recently that you could recommend?

I know it’s been slagged off but I think the new Noel Gallagher tune Holy Mountain is absolutely unreal. Alan McGee sent it to me and he put in the message, “this is fucking mental!” and after one listen I thought “this is a fucking classic!” I have had it on repeat, Liam’s stuff is mega as well.


More information about Musicians Against Homelessness HERE

INTERVIEW: Alias Kid's Sean O'Donnell Writes Charity Football Anthem Dedicated to Sergio Kun Aguero

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