Supergrass were one of the leading lights of the 90’s Britpop scene but this second solo effort from Gaz Coombes is as far away from that as can be which is a good thing. The opening track Buffalo is a  mature experimental sound, with synths and loops it gives a good idea of what is to follow.

20/20 is more of the same, it has a Radiohead feel to it with electro drum/synth loops and is a standout track. Next up is The English Ruse which follows a similar pattern and is one of two tracks that hint at Coombes previous band. Another is Detroit which is very catchy and has big sounding backing vocals to boost the sound. The midpoint of the album holds a couple of chilled out tracks Needle’s Eye and Seven Walls, the latter again has a synth loop and would be an ideal summer track in the car with the top down. The Girl Who Fell To Earth and Oscillate are in a similar vein.

To The Wire has a mature sound and then disappointingly  the album ends on a whimper with a 34 second segue/studio noodling track called Is It On? and Matador which is probably one of the most uninspiring title tracks on any album I’ve heard .

After a pretty consistent album the ending did make me knock a couple of points off but it’s an album that’s gonna be in the end of year charts and one I’d definitely recommend.



Watch the making of ‘Matador’ BELOW:

Gaz Coombes – The Making Of Matador on MUZU.TV.

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