FLYNN shares the video for new single ‘Elephant’ – Watch Now

FLYNN shares the video for new single ‘Elephant’ - Watch Now

Flynn made a phenomenal impact in the opening chapter of his career as he laid the foundations for his status as a future pop star. The Irish singer and songwriter first reached a global audience by contributing his world-class vocal talent and lyrics to Lost Frequencies’ ‘Recognise’, a song which has reached 60 million streams and took him to huge stages such as Tomorrowland. He then built on his burgeoning reputation with his debut EP ‘One Of Us’, which added millions more streams and a sweep of praise from a variety of new music champions.

Now Flynn is back with a bang as he shares ‘Elephant’, his first new release in 2022 which is out now on Jive Germany. The song previews his upcoming second EP, which follows later this year.

‘Elephant’ finds Flynn taking a big step forward with his brand of uplifting summer pop. High-spirited keys provide the song’s first feelgood flavour before dynamic percussion and pulsating bass power its positivity. Flynn’s voice has seasoned since we last heard from him, a full-spirited blend of soaring pop high notes and astutely conveyed soul. Watch the official video BELOW:

But while ‘Elephant’ feels like a shot of pure positivity, Flynn’s lyrics come from a tougher place. He channels his mental health issues, angst and anxieties into a song that many people will find instantly relatable as the world appears to be hurtling towards a less certain future.

Flynn says, “‘Elephant‘ means a lot to me. It takes a lot for me to talk about my mental health in a song. It’s always like a huge weight off my shoulders when I eventually get to open up. Music is honestly the best form of therapy for me.”

Emerging from the small town of Mullingar, Flynn relocated to the UK to focus on establishing a career in music. Armed with little more than raw talent, dedication and enough money to cover one month’s rent, he made some money busking while putting his life experiences into his songs. After some early independent tracks established a grassroots following, things began to take off for him, first with Lost Frequencies and then with the ‘One of Us’ EP, while sessions and shows took him to London, Berlin, Los Angeles and beyond.

As almost everyone experienced, the pandemic forced a new challenge upon him. Flynn reacted with an intense schedule of writing sessions and recording via Zoom, while spending more time back home with his family inspired fresh lyrical themes, not only by reconnecting with his roots, but by providing the time and space to reflect on everything that had happened since he left Mullingar. Going back to basics, however, provided the platform for him to make a triumphant return as 2022 unfolds.

Flynn’s next step will be his debut headline show at The Workmans Cellar in Dublin on June 8th.

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