EMPEROR OF ICE CREAM release the video for new single 'I See You Everywhere'

emperor of ice cream

Today sees the release across all digital platforms of ‘I See You Everywhere’, the latest offering from Ireland’s indie stalwarts ‘Emperor of Ice Cream', the first of two singles from the band coming out on Cork independent label FIFA Records before the end of the year.

From the outside ‘I See You Everywhere’ is a vivacious, end-of-summer indie pop song, but it in fact deals with the extremely serious topic of Parental Alienation; the process through which a child becomes estranged from a parent as the result of being wrongly influenced or through psychological manipulation by the other parent, and current efforts in Ireland to have the laws pertaining to it changed. Whether executed wilfully, or unwittingly, Parental Alienation is heart-breaking and can be akin to torture for the alienated parent, but also have detrimental effects on the innocent child if they are forced to suffer long term separation from all those who love them.

This latest offering sees The Emperor’s sound continue to evolve while maintaining their trademark basslines, raw and melodic guitars, topped by elegant, lush vocals and harmonies. The band bring in a fresher and raw sound as heard on their last single, ‘Weather Vane’, letting the parts speak for themselves rather than enveloping the sound with pedals and production tricks.

The track was mixed by Graham Finn in New York and the drums were beautifully recorded in Amsterdam at IJland Studios by Remko Schouten, who has previously worked with Pavement, Stephen Malkamus & The Jicks and Devendra Bernhardt amongst others.

Watch the video for ‘I See You Everywhere’ - BELOW:

It has been a remarkable return for the Cork outfit after they re-emerged from their 25-year hiatus in 2020 and they have certainly been making up for lost time with the release of seven singles and two albums, their long-awaited debut album ‘No Sound Ever Dies’ and their ‘EP Collection 93-94’. With both entering the official Top 40 album charts and scoring top ten positions in the independent album chart placing at number 1 and 3 respectively.  Expect more new music from Emperor of Ice Cream in the coming months. Their back catalogue is available via Bandcamp.

FIFA Records while maintaining an independent ethos puts a huge focus on building strong working relationships and partnerships with the artists and by working with locally owned businesses to ensure it sustains a vibrant infrastructure in a web of economic and social relationships. The aim, to benefit not only the artists but to contribute in its own small way to a sustainable local and national economy which it believes is critical in the current environment. The label also has an international dynamic, forging links with multiple media outlets and with several independent record labels around the world - Elefant Records (Spain), Vinyl Junkie (Japan), Secret Crush Records (US), Small room (Thailand) Pop Lane/Ra N Bo (France), Stargazer (Germany) Big Tea Records (UK).

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