DANNY GOFFEY releases new single ‘Looking After Number One’

Danny Goffey

Danny Goffey, co-songwriter and founding member of British band Supergrass, releases new single ‘Looking After Number One’ today — the latest track from his upcoming album Bryan Moone’s Discopunk out 21st October via Distiller. The album will be accompanied by a self-penned, limited edition book about a day in the life of his fictional alter ego… Bryan Moone. 

‘Looking Out For Number One’ oozes with charm from start to finish. With a guest appearance from Ed Harcourt providing extra guitar riffs and backing vocals, the track is an ode to the pressures of the life of a family man. Although the lyrics are a more light-hearted take on modern living, they do reflect on the responsibilities that come with daily life.

Speaking on the new single, Goffey said: “This song is about the amount of work it takes to keep a family of four kids happy. Then there’s the partner, grandparents, two dogs and the pressure of erratic work schedules. There’s just no bloody time left to tend to yourself! I don’t really know why I wrote a song about that… maybe I had to get it out of my head, instead of going to see a shrink? I guess a lot of my songs are driven by anxieties like this.”

Listen to ‘Looking After Number One’ – BELOW:

Danny has also just been announced to support Reverend & The Makers’ on their ‘Heatwave in the Cold North’ Tour alongside The Ramona Flowers in February 2023. With dates across the UK, including Brighton Concorde, Liverpool O2 Academy, Birmingham O2 Academy, Bristol O2 Academy, London Islington Assembly Hall, Glasgow St Lukes, Manchester Academy, Sheffield O2 Academy and more, the tour will be the first time Danny performs his new tracks live.

A limited number of Bryan Moone’s DiscoPunk LPs will be available in an exclusive (only 1,000 available) ‘Disco Bag’. Accompanied by a special format fictional book written by Danny that documents a minute-by-minute day in the life of his alter ego character, Bryan Moone. The book details the inner thoughts and musings of a musician living with his erratic kids and his headstrong but beloved wife Em – Bryan’s day is a constant battle to try to write new music, but he keeps getting distracted by the hectic life around him, including a phone call from his daughter’s school after she commits an ‘extreme violation’, the real threat of being assaulted with a walking stick by an eighty-year man in the pub, a severe bout of anxiety in the Co-op when trying to choose the right type of milk and it ends with a coffee-related tragedy. Each chapter in the book has been brought to life and beautifully illustrated by Danny’s son Frank. Three 10” X 8” prints of Frank’s drawings will also be included in each Disco Bag. Preorder here.


2nd February – Brighton Concorde

3rd February – Northampton Roadmender

4th February – Cardiff Tramshed

6th February – Norwich Waterfront

7th February – Liverpool O2 Academy

9th February – Birmingham O2 Academy

10th February – Bristol O2 Academy

11th February – London Islington Assembly Hall

13th February – Glasgow St Lukes

14th February – Newcastle University

16th February – Manchester Academy

17th February – Sheffield O2 Academy

Danny Goffey is an English musician, best known as founding member and co-songwriter of the well-loved British band Supergrass.

His first foray into music was at the age of 12 when he formed his first band, The Fallopian Tubes, with his childhood friend, Maff. They recorded simple comedic songs (although occasionally quite dark) including ‘Burps and Stuff’, ‘Life Of Cack’ and the classic ‘My Wife Shut My Gonads In The Door’. Goffey would scream down cheap microphones and beat out rhythms using chopsticks on Tupperware boxes, as he couldn’t acquire a drum kit at the time.

A few years later he went on to form The Jennifers, after a chance meeting at school with Gaz Coombes who was two years his younger. The band included Danny’s brother Nick and bassist Andy Davis, and in the following years, the group went on to earn a good reputation on the live scene in and around Oxford. They only put out two releases – the self-released “Flying” single in 1991 and the ‘Just Got Back Today’ EP via Nude Records in 1992 before splitting up.

Goffey and Coombes agreed to continue writing music together and went on to form Supergrass in 1993 with Mick Quinn on bass. They released their debut record, I Should Coco, in 1995 when Danny was 21 and it entered the UK charts at number one. They returned in 1997 with their second record In it For The Money, and went on to release four more albums before disbanding in 2010.

During 2007 and 2008, Goffey and Coombes also began performing under the name The Hotrats and later put out ‘Turn Ons’, a collection of jukebox cover versions, which they went on to promote with a mini world tour.

After the Supergrass split, Goffey had a hiatus from music, apart from briefly playing the drums for Babyshambles on tour after the departure of their drummer. In these lost years, he also bizarrely appeared as a contestant on Masterchef reaching the semifinals.

He began putting out solo material again in 2015 with the release of ‘Take Your Jacket Off And Get Into It’ and again in 2018 with his second album ‘Schtik’.

In 2019 Supergrass reformed, and have since been touring the world playing festivals to much critical acclaim.

Danny is now returning with his third album, BryanMoone’s DiscoPunk.

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