Derry based Indie-folk artist REEVAH shares new single ‘You Said, Tell Me’ - Listen Now

Derry based Indie-folk artist REEVAH shares new single ‘You Said, Tell Me’ - Listen Now

Derry based Indie-folk artist Reevah is pleased to share her new single, ‘You Said, Tell Me’ Tipped as 'Hot for 2020' by Hotpress Magazine, Reevah is already in the midst of her busiest year yet. Her next single ‘You Said, Tell Me’ is to be released on Friday 24th April, the third track taken from ‘A Different Light’ EP, which is due for release on the same date.

On the track ‘You Said, Tell Me’ Reevah explains “This track has a light-hearted conversational element to it. It's about rediscovering yourself after a transitional time. The track eludes to themes of personal change, growth and love, it questions feelings and connections with people. Being torn between the person you were and the one that you are ever becoming.”

Speaking about the E.P Reevah says “‘A Different Light’ marks the next stage in music for me. The EP encompasses so much, it marks a change in many ways. The writing and creating of the tracks was a cathartic process. They speak the truth and mark various transitional stages throughout the past few years of my life.

The tracks display and explore an array of musical styles and emotions. I feel like each song has been a journey and has had its own interesting and creative process. Each one gives the listener an insight into my life and mind. Releasing this body of work is really exciting. I can't wait for everyone to hear it. And discover the growth and change in my music with the addition of my band.

Listen to ‘You Said, Tell Me’ - BELOW:

The title 'A Different Light' seemed like the most fitting for this body of work. All of the tracks thematically interlink, with change and growth being the backbone of the EP. It marks both a transition into the next stage of not only my music but my life. The theme of 'Light' is continued visually as the 70s tassle lamp has become a signature fixture of the Reevah aesthetic. It will be featured on physical copies of the EP and throughout all merchandise. “

Reevah’s music is immersive and reflective allowing the listener a chance to escape the speed of life. But it’s her voice, pure, understated and fearless, that stays in the heart and the mind long after the music is over.

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