Brett Anderson reveals previously unreleased solo track, ‘Forest Lullaby’ – Listen

Brett Anderson to Release Solo Recordings Box Set on March 17TH

Brett Anderson has revealed a previously unreleased solo track, ‘Forest Lullaby’. The song is taken from the CD version of his forthcoming box set ‘Brett Anderson – Collected Solo Work’ which is released on March 17th through Demon Music.

Listen to ‘Forest Lullaby’ BELOW:

Following the hugely successful Suede reformation and critical acclaim for ‘Bloodsports’ and ‘Night Thoughts’, Brett Anderson will release his ‘Collected Solo Work’ box set on March 17th – available on both CD and Vinyl. The 5 CDs worth of music contain 4 original studio albums (each featuring bonus tracks), a bonus live CD featuring hard to find recordings from 2010 and 2011, as well as two unreleased tracks – one of which is ‘Forest Lullaby’. The box set will also contain a DVD featuring an interview with Brett Anderson.

Brett said of the release:

“These are the four solo albums I made between 2007 and 2011. It was an exciting time for me as an artist; I had fallen out of love with being in bands and I wanted to try to explore things and test myself and grow beyond those parameters. I think you can see the development in the work; from the clumsy fumblings of the debut through to the self-conscious minimalism of Wilderness and finally to the apogee of Slow Attack and the growl and gnarl of Black Rainbows, there is hopefully a sense that I was learning through my mistakes and plotting points on a creative path. It was lonely and hard sometimes but I’m proud that I had the courage to wander somewhere different. The vital lessons I learnt, both in art and in life, fed directly into where I currently find myself and into my journey with Suede.”

Track listing for the album is as follows:



1. Love Is Dead

2. One Lazy Morning

3. Dust And Rain

4. Intimacy

5. To The Winter

6. Scorpio Rising

7. The Infinite Kiss

8. Colour Of The Night

9. The More We Possess The Less We Own Of Ourselves

10. Ebony

11. Song For My Father

Bonus tracks:

12. Clowns [first version]

13. We Can Be Anyone

14. Mother Night

15. Elegant

16. Love Is Dead [live at Bush Hall]

17. Clowns [live at Bush Hall]

P 2007 BA Songs



1. A Different Place

2. The Empress

3. Clowns

4. Chinese Whispers

5. Blessed

6. Funeral Mantra

7. Back To You

8. Knife Edge

9. P. Marius

10. Symmetry

Bonus tracks:

11. Love Is Dead [acoustic]

12. Song For My Father [acoustic]

13. Back To You [acoustic]

14. Ebony [acoustic]

15. The Infinite Kiss [acoustic]

Live at the Union Chapel, 19 July 2007*

16. Love Is Dead

17. Song For My Father

18. Clowns

19. To The Winter

20. Back To You

P 2008 (*2007) BA Songs



1. Hymn

2. Wheatfields

3. The Hunted

4. Frozen Roads

5. Summer

6. Pretty Widows

7. The Swans

8. Ashes Of Us

9. Scarecrows And Lilacs

10. Julian’s Eyes

11. Leave Me Sleeping

Bonus tracks:

12. With You Within You

13. Forest Lullaby*

P 2009 (*2017) BA Songs



1. Unsung

2. Brittle Heart

3. Crash About To Happen

4. I Count The Times

5. The Exiles

6. This Must Be Where It Ends

7. Actors

8. In The House Of Numbers

9. Thin Men Dancing

10. Possession

Bonus tracks:

11. Unstoppable

12. Savage Dance

13. Isolation*

14. Brittle Heart [radio edit]

15. Brittle Heart [instrumental]

P 2011 (*2017) BA Songs


LIVE 2010/2011

Koko, 12 October 2011

1. Unsung

2. Wheatfields

3. The Exiles

4. Actors

5. Ashes Of Us

6. The Hunted

7. Julian’s Eyes

8. Thin Men Dancing

9. Possession

10. In The House Of Numbers

11. The Swans

12. Brittle Heart

P 2011 BA Songs

Encore: Lido, Berlin, 1 February 2010

13. Scarecrows & Lilacs

14. Frozen Roads

15. Leave Me Sleeping

16. Chinese Whispers

17. A Different Place

18. Funeral Mantra

P 2010 BA Songs


Brett Anderson talks to Luke Turner about the writing and recording of the albums

P 2017 BA Songs

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