BIRDPEN will release their new studio album ‘There’s Something Wrong With Everything’ in early autumn

BIRDPEN will release their new studio album 'There's Something Wrong With Everything' in early autumn

Southampton based alt/prog rock duo BirdPen will release their new studio album in the early autumn. ‘There’s Something Wrong With Everything’ is being funded via a still active Pledge campaign and is preceded by an introductory single, ‘This Is Your Life’, which is out on 1st June.

The new album melds heavy/psychedelic guitars, rolling basslines, Krautrock drums and old school electronics to create a doom groove ambience with Dave Pen’s lead vocal sitting atop, while musically they take inspiration from acts such as Deerhunter, Hookworms, Suuns, The Beta Band, Pink Floyd and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

‘This Is Your Life’ is a song about the confused, junk guzzling, information overloading, fake news spreading, fear mongering, brainwashed modern age. Driven by a motorik groove with a Pink Floyd-ish synth layer, heavy fuzz guitar precedes a chorus from which emanates a ranting message driven vocal:

“This is your life, static screens, faded dreams oh cant you see, this is your life the broadcast lies, open your eyes you will see.” Welcome to the world of BirdPen.

Check out ‘This is Your Life’ single trailer – BELOW:

’This Is Your Life’ is written, recorded and produced by the BirdPen duo of Mike Bird and Dave Pen. The song was mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios London.

‘There’s Something Wrong With Everything’ is available to pre-order exclusively through Pledge Music and is scheduled for release in Autumn 2018.

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