TRACK PREMIERE: Danish alt-rock duo PBSM are back with a new indie rock song ‘Struck By Lightning’ – Listen Now

TRACK PREMIERE: Danish alt-rock duo PBSM are back with a new indie rock song ‘Struck By Lightning' - Listen Now

Danish alt-rock duo PBSM is back with a new indie rock song ‘Struck By Lightning’, the follow up to their single “Dancefloor” which received an abundance of International praise from publications and radio both in Europe and across the Atlantic. Now, the band is ready to prove they are not just a one show pony with melancholic indie vibes that throughout this tune’s course unfold into an outro of a full-on rock escapade.

A soft bell-theme kicks it off and together with the chiming rhythm guitars, the song sets into a stern rock beat. The lyrics begin: “Right words stuck with a slow voice…” immediately suggesting that something hidden or untold is going to build up and burst out, like a lightning bolt out of the ominous dark sky.

The outro sparks into flames with the words: “There’s a fire inside the heart won’t show” and together with a wall of guitars, the theme of the song is put into a new perspective – breathing in and out like waves hitting the shoreline. Layered vocals are chanting towards the end, and even though the song hits its climax, the lyrics contradictorily state that there is still something boiling inside –something standing in the way of the redemption and catharsis that comes with a great thunderstorm. The music is both melancholic and explosive and paints a sound collage that is evenly cold, dark and psychedelic.

Listen to ‘Struck By Lightning’ – BELOW:

‘Struck by Lightning’ is a standalone single which drops right in between the band’s latest release and new EP coming up in the fall of 2018. Along with the single PBSM is letting go of an up-tempo rendition of the classic Lana Del Rey song “Blue Jeans”. With a respectful nod to the original and Lana’s dusty sensual voice the PBSM version jumps into a different rock-infused realm, fused by gritty fuzz guitars and a cheeky off beat hihat pattern on the drums.

On both tracks the duo is accompanied by Danish drummer Lasse Herbst (Blue Foundation, Fallulah, Choir of Young Believers)

PBSM is Lauritz Carlsen (Vox, guitars) and David Tholander (Bass, Drummachine) and started out as a long-distance songwriting relationship between Berlin and Copenhagen over a year and a half period. During this time, the Berlin crowd around the 8mm bar (incl. bands such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spacemen 3, Kadavar, The December Sound, Blue Angel Lounge, Cavern of Anti Matter) and a love for psych and krautrock, formed the band and the songs from the beginning. A couple of DIY 7″ releases formed the basis for the band’s debut EP released through Copenhagen-based label Møs Møs.

Live, PBSM are a guitar/bass/drum machine power-duo, making a cacophonic wall of sound through their four-amp setup. The duo has already toured with rising UK rock act Nothing But Thieves and art-rockers Arrows of Love, as well as American noir songwriter Nicole Atkins.

The burst of elements that is ‘Struck By Lightning’ is released via Copenhagen based label Møs Møs May 11.

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