Best Video Game Soundtracks Ever

Best Video Game Soundtracks Ever
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The gaming world has consistently paid attention to music. It’s an artful way of introducing energy and conveying melodies that work like jingles, forever attached to certain levels, characters, and fantasy worlds. Soundtracks add an emotional element to what’s on the screen, and the pacing can create the perfect amount of suspension and tension. For instance, while playing a game at 888 bingo can be entertaining, it’s the background soundtrack that makes the experience memorable.

Here’re some of the best video game soundtracks of all time.

  1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons – 2020

There’s beauty in every earthly moment of Animal Crossing. The soundtracks range from light calypso to smooth jazz and change as you move around the world. Any mention of Animal Crossing amusing music would be sloppy without the mention of K.K. Slider, the game’s guitar playing dog (inspired by composer Kazumi Totaka). In the recent instalment of the series, New Horizons, K.K. has an inflated ego, only playing the guitar once your island reaches a certain popularity level.

  1. Grand Theft Auto V – 2013

The soundtracks in Grand Theft Auto V include an original score composed for the game and an extra selection from licensed songs for the in-game radio. The soundtrack features the original music that was recorded for the launch of the game. That includes music featured in the in-game radio and tracks playing in various Grand Theft Auto V trailers. Moreover, it consists of the original Welcome to Los Santos track, the game’s main theme.

There’re songs from the game’s official score that don’t appear on the in-game radio station but may pop up, though slightly different in intensity or length, during some in-game missions or wanted levels with more than three stars.

  1. Monument Valley – 2014

Composed by electronic musicians Obfusc, Stafford Bawler, and Grigori, the music is entirely ambient. A tranquil web of birdsong, shimmering drones, faintly detuned synthesizer chords, and distant breezes. The backdrop merges seamlessly with the sounds of the gameplay itself and only getting 100% deposit bonuses from UK casinos will make this process perfect. With echoes of Aphex Twin, Hiroshi Yoshimura, and Brian Eno, it’s a reflective soundtrack to a virtual realm that summons you to slow down and visualize what things would look like from M.C Escher’s point of view.

  1. Persona 5 – 2016

Jazzy soundtracks are a favourite with videogame audiophiles, and the Persona 5 OST is full of energetic tunes. Composer Shoji Meguro often uses the electric guitar and piano in the game’s music, adding a synthesized tone that feels exciting. The music highlights come from singer Lyn Inaizumi, who performs a dozen pop/ R&B songs that will stick in your head and have you humming them as you enjoy the game.

  1. Red Dead Redemption 2 –2018

The music in Red Dead Redemption 2 includes an original soundtrack produced by Daniel Lanois and an original score composed by musician Woody Jackson. The game’s music regularly responds according to your decision in the world, matching the game’s atmosphere.

Red Dead Redemption has three distinct kinds of score: narrative, which you hear during the missions in the game’s story; interactive, which you hear when you’re roaming the open world or in multiplayer; and environmental, which consist of campfire singing songs or a person playing music in the world.


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