Album Review: Rogue Wave – Delusions of Grand Fur


Album Review: Rogue Wave - Delusions of Grand Fur

It’s been a little while since I was regaled by the awesome fourth record by Rogue Wave, titled “Permalight,” but it’s nice to see that the band is still making forthright rock music with a chilly mountain atmosphere surrounding it. While having not been a huge fan of their fifth album, on “Delusions of Grand Fur,” the band seems to have found their footing once again.

Segments of the album remind me of Lord Huron and the climate they bring to music, and while it in fact may be Rogue Wave who influenced Huron, the record is still solid, especially for a sixth album. Many bands don’t ever get to make six records, so the fact that “Delusions” is enjoyable is not only a reminder of what a good band they are but also how far they’ve come. It speaks volumes of how capable the band is, even if huge breakout success has mostly eluded them.

“California Bride” is probably my favorite track on the record, and it bubbles like champagne on the slopes of a gorgeous french countryside. On the track, leader and mastermind Zach Rogue delivers his throaty whisper gently into the air and but deliberately delivers a good guitar section, which only helps to open up the sky in a way that makes it perfect for afternoon dancing and fun times for all.

The band also stretches its creative muscles on track seven, “What is Left to Solve.” it’s somewhat electronic in nature, but Rogue’s voice is just as consistent here as it is on any other track on the record. That being said though, I wonder if the band is having internal issue behind the scenes. They usually average two to three years between records, but what makes me wonder is the amount of labels the band has been on. Four labels in six albums isn’t all that great to be honest, but the music hasn’t suffered much, if at all. Rogue Wave still seems very solid on record to me, and hopefully the can find the big success they deserve.


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