Track Of The Day: Little Brother Eli - Gold

Track Of The Day: Little Brother Eli - Gold

Little Brother Eli are a rock, soul, blues, and pop band. We can bandy about legendary names like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, perhaps more recent incarnations like The Black Crowes and The Black Keys. It’s that special kind of sound that when a band manages to combine their musical elements something magical can on occasion just happen. When this does it creates something unlike the modern pop dichotomy where music is disposable and transient. Fans are made and kept for life, more akin to a football team, where once you’ve chosen your colours, there’s no going back. They’re yours and you’re theirs. It’s a blood pact. Little Brother Eli are one of those, especially when you get to see them play live.

Formed in early 2013 by lead vocalist Alex Grew and bass player Josh Rigal. The pair were joined by guitarist Adam Stowe and drummer Benji Page who began sharing their eclectic mix of musical influences along with lap steel specialist Tom Williams. They went on after a series of jam sessions to create their own blend of bluesy garage rock by combining powerful, soulful vocals with growling guitars and bring the sound together with an infectious, rock solid hip-hop back beat. The next two years saw the band build a sizable rap-sheet of shows at over 100 different venues all over the UK as the band left their native Oxfordshire to bring their energetic and charismatic live set to London, Brighton, Southampton, Bristol, Bath, Reading, Sheffield, Manchester and Nottingham.

The band has performed at festivals including The Great Escape, Cornbury & Blissfields, as well as some major festival in European countries like Germany and Italy earning Little Brother Eli an ever growing loyal fan base and musical network. Following two successful EP releases on The Animal Farm label, the band began finishing up recording their debut album towards the end of last year. As they continue to garner support wherever they play, they now feel the time is right to release their debut LP onto the world and if things go right, glory awaits. You know the drill, now it’s time to dig in and let yourself go.

Tour dates:

May 29: Hertfordshire Hogzossle Festival
May 29: Oxfordshire Common People Festival
May 29: Oxfordshire Roke Fest
Jun 03: Gloucester Cafe Rene
Jun 04: Wychwood Festival
Jun 09: London Notting Hill Arts Club
Jun 11: Oxfordshire Witney Music Festival
Jun 11: Yorkshire Arts Exchange Centre
Jun 17: Guildford Star
Jun 18: Oxfordshire Up To No Good Festival
Jun 18: Oxford Rapture Music
Jun 18: Oxfordshire Nor Lye Music and Beer Festival
Jun 25: Oxford Bullingdon

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