WINGS OF DESIRE share video for new single ‘Be Here Now’ – Watch Now!

WINGS OF DESIRE share video for new single 'Be Here Now' - Watch Now!

Following two breakout singles, 001 and Runnin, the transcendental Wings Of Desire share new track Be Here Now. Drawing inspiration from visual arts and 20th-century counterculture, the ex-INHEAVEN two-piece confront themes of ignorance and identity to create shape-shifting soundscapes that cut deep. Flitting between the woozy and euphoric, to the propulsive and emotional, Be Here Now is a mirror to the all-or-nothing intensity of modern life.

Talking about the new single Chloe and James comment: “Be Here Now is a song about being exactly where you’re supposed to be. Being present means that instead of being focused on what happened to you yesterday or what could happen tomorrow, you are simply here, now. No one wants to be stuck on autopilot, it’s not good for the soul. As humans we need to be aware of the automatic actions and reactions we have become accustomed to, and find a place of clarity and calm. The present moment offers peace, it gives us space to transcend.

Ram Dass first coined the term ‘Be Here Now’ in 1971, but the intention is infinite. You can feel completely in control yet have absolutely no control over your destiny, and that is a strange sensation to get used to. It goes against everything we’ve been taught in Western civilisation, but once you embrace freedom, the universe becomes your oyster.”

On their singles so far, Wings Of Desire said “For us the music, the questions, the art are part of the same circle. We want to bring joy and euphoria from our tiny corner of the universe through these songs, and hopefully start a conversation about the things we cannot see.”

Watch the video for ‘Be Here Now’ BELOW:

More about Wings Of Desire:

Wings of Desire came out of a want to discuss the unknown. As a couple, they have spent years debating everything from ideology to our favourite musical eras (Krautrock, Berlin-era Bowie, and Factory Records) so what naturally came together was a project that covers everything they want to say about this overwhelming planet we inhabit.

We live in a world that seems to have lost its nuance. Life isn’t one way or another, and nor should it be. It’s an amalgamation of questions that don’t have answers and erasing the social conditioning we have all been exposed to. If you’re not evolving and questioning the path that’s laid out for you, are you really living?

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