What are digital technologies used by online casinos?

What are digital technologies used by online casinos?

The online gambling industry is coming up with new technologies every day, and these new technologies determine how we interact with online casinos. These technological advancements enable millions of players worldwide to gamble at online casinos with the confidence and safety required for genuine entertainment.

In this article, we list technologies used by the casinos to ensure customer safety while keeping the entertainment levels at the maximum. If you also would like to see the backstage of this huge industry, keep reading.

SSL Security

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer (High Encryption). SSL encryption ensures the security of users’ data and transaction details. It enables the encryption of data collected from the player before storage on servers. 

In other words, any personal or financial information entered into the casino will be encrypted. Our author Jacek Michalski recommends only playing on online casinos using SSL encryption.

Although it is not the only option, SSL encryption is the most successful system European authorities approve.

Random Number Generator

The RNG (Random Number Generator) system is the casino technology the casino industry is making use of to randomise the outcome of every game. RNG is, in other words, a sophisticated algorithm that generates random numbers which print out random symbols on slots, the winning number on roulette, the hand you’re dealt in poker, and so on. 

Therefore, it is safe to say that RNG is the technology that ensures a casino’s reliability. A fully licensed casino is supervised by independent authorities on a regular basis, guaranteeing the RNG system is working well, and games are not rigged.


Blockchain is another cutting-edge casino tech that is frequently used in online casinos. Cryptocurrencies are widely used methods of depositing and withdrawing money in casinos that use blockchain systems. The technology allows you to leave no trace while doing online transactions, ensuring complete confidentiality at all times.

Apart from confidentiality, blockchain technology is also a great means of doing transactions regarding speed. While the traditional transaction methods take up to a week, crypto transactions are usually issued instantly.


Electronic wallets or e-wallets are considered one of the most popular and secure online payment methods in the world and a popular tech in casino websites. Its main advantage is to avoid sharing your personal and bank details with third parties, thus increasing your security and protection.

Similar to crypto transactions, e-wallets are also a great way to deposit and withdraw money regarding speed. Moreover, it is pretty easy to open and use an e-wallet account.


HTML5 is the most recent version of the HTML programming language for building web pages and adding functionalities to modernise publication content while removing obsolete features. 

Using this awesome tech in the casino environment, you can include realistic 3D graphics, like in video games, without the need for out-of-date solutions such as Java or Flash. Some kasyno online pl have dynamic and realistic games thanks to HTML5. 

HTML5 is used in many different games for particular purposes. Slot machines use video animations during the big jackpots or bonus spins to animate spectacular situations. Classic games of chance, such as roulette or blackjack, on the other hand, realistically reproduce the plays as they would be seen in a real casino.


Cloud technology has recently gained prominence in many industries, with big companies such as Microsoft's Azure offering various business solutions. These services run on remote servers over the internet and offer users virtual databases, office automation packages, antivirus systems, virtual machines, and other valuable tools for office and personal usage. 

Cloud technology has been used in the online gambling sector for over a decade. Online casinos can provide hundreds of different games through cloud databases without requiring previous installations or high-end mobile devices. Slots with an endless variety of themes, different game modes for blackjack and roulette, live poker and more are just some of the conveniences that the cloud systems provide to online casinos.


5G is relatively a new communication channel that provides users with a higher quality internet connection while improving coverage and transmission speed. With 5G, players can enjoy their favourite games of chance from any location in high quality. 

Whether you are on vacation at the beach, travelling by bus, or sitting on the couch at home, the online casino is always open for you.


To wrap up, the technologies we have listed in this article enable online casinos to take advantage of the leading internet technologies, resulting in an unrivalled user experience. Thanks to these technologies, today, users can enjoy spectacular graphic quality and a wide range of games to suit a

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