6 Ways of Attracting New Players in Online Casinos



There are many strategies a casino operator can use to make the venture profitable. However, one first needs to constantly attract new customers. With so many platforms available to players today, capturing and retaining their attention can be quite a challenge especially for new operators. To stay competitive, operators need to constantly come up with new methods to differentiate their platform from the competition. 

Online casino players are captivated by experiences similar to land-based casinos. As the website developers choose the theme music for the games, they can visit review blogs to better understand market reception. Let’s have a look at a few more ways that online casino operators can use to increase their traffic:

Strategies to be Implemented

  • Mobile Platforms

It is increasingly important for casinos to offer a mobile platform since so many players own smartphones and tablets. Mobile gaming has become very popular and almost every player in the world owns at least one smartphone or tablet. Those sites whose instant play platforms implement the latest HTL5 technology are likely to appeal to players because there is no app or download required. 

A platform is essential for any operator who wants to attract players and keep them coming back. Mobile casinos are the future of gambling. 

  • Search Engine Optimization

SEO is responsible for the organic rise of your site in the search engine ranks. It brings the right kind of traffic, as only the players you’re targeting see your site, so it draws only those who are ready to play. 

  • Lucrative Bonuses and Promotions

It is common knowledge that everyone loves freebies, and casinos know this only too well. They offer the best rewards and offers, from time to time and they engage customers with these efforts as well. 

Casinos need to offer regular promotional offers if they are going to be able to compete with the hundreds of other websites offering gambling services. Offering welcome bonuses will lead to new players signing up, but ongoing promotions will encourage them to come back for more action. 

  • Loyalty Schemes

A steady supply of fresh content is necessary to retain players over the long term. Keeping your players engaged is the key to long term success. Keeping them on your site for the long haul will be more cost effective than attracting new clients. 

The i-Gaming website should provide a wide range of games and new content should be added periodically. Be sure that you add your new games based on the market feedback and continuously monitor their quality. Make sure to announce them on the main page of the site so the players know about the new games. 

  • High Payout Percentages

In online gambling, a payout percentage describes what a player can expect when they place a bet or wager money. Online casinos have varying payout percentages so players will look for websites that offer higher figures. 

  • Social Media & Influencer Advertising

Online casinos should create communities on online platforms and social networks. They should invest in social media strategies that will ensure publishing of useful content that will engage your potential customers in discussions.   

Influencers with large audiences are beneficial in this endeavour. Even though their content may not be in line with online gambling, a vote of confidence from such a figure is a sure way to attract new players.


The online casino industry is extremely competitive, with forecasted market values at about $92.9 billion by 2023. As many new sites enter the market every year, a growing need for marketing tools and tactics to draw those that will place real money wagers is evident. Using a combination of the aforementioned strategies will be met with guaranteed success.

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