WE ARE SCIENTISTS return with hook-laden new single 'Operator Error'

Photo credit: Danny Lee

"I have a tendency to deliver hot takes and to get extraordinarily overheated about utterly inconsequential things," says WE ARE SCIENTISTS vocalist/guitarist Keith Murray about their new song "OPERATOR ERROR" (out today on all DSPs) which is, in fact, about how he has a big mouth. The single, We Are Scientists' first new music since last year's critically-hailed HUFFY, showcases what the New York rock-duo do does best: Make catchy, feel-good indie rock that will stick in your brain for days.

"I got into a multi-hour argument over whether Top Gun: Maverick is a halfway decent movie. Maybe it’s weird, then, that I also tend to be pretty sanguine over big issues. It’s fairly hard to drag me into a heated fight, or to get me to say something that I’ll later come to regret," continues Murray. "On important matters, I like to keep quiet, to listen to everyone else’s take, and to silently build my own bullet-proof argument, which nobody else will ever hear. I operate in dual modes – one where I’m apt to deliver my dumb opinion with little provocation and one in which it’s almost impossible to get me to say what I’m really thinking. It’s probably a pretty frustrating character trait for the people who are trying to engage me in consequential conversation, and I apologize to my friends and my enemies alike."

Listen to "Operator Error" - BELOW:

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