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Norman, Oklahoma doesn't customarily come to mind when contemplating psychedelic rock bands until you hear psych-rock outfit Sisteria, who unveils the music video for "Hunger," a track from their upcoming debut album, Dark Matter, slated for release on August 19 via Horton Records.

Vocalist Katie Williams explains," 'Hunger' is a song that is very dear to me and is an anthem for female liberation. The wolf in the story is calling the woman back to herself. The howling wolf invites her to reconnect with her sexuality and wildish nature. Every woman has a wolf inside of her. When I experience depression or prolonged heartache, it is usually because I have become disconnected from that part of myself. As women, we are taught to export our power to other people, most often men. It can leave you feeling confused and far from your innate purpose and wisdom. Reclaiming that power is an initiation that every modern-day woman must face. But when that reunion takes place, it is nothing short of a phenomenon. We are truly forces of nature."

Made up of Katie Williams (vocals), a former folk singer who metamorphosed into a femme fatale, rock demigoddess, Nathan Lofties (multi-instrumentalist), Steve Boaz (drums), Richie Tarver (lead guitar), Matthew Jewell (bass), and Matthew Knudson (keyboards), Sisteria's sound conjures up suggestions of Jefferson Airplane blended with Led Zeppelin, simultaneously retro and edgy.

Grungy guitars open "Hunger," followed by the entry of Katie's haunting, Siren-like voice, imbuing the lyrics with imminent danger. A visceral rhythm gives the tune dark, angular, throbbing energy as grinding, lysergic washes pulsate and wail overhead.

"Electric baby, I know here lately / I heard you crying out in my dreams / But don't you worry, I'm in no hurry / I've got that hunger dripping down to my knees."

Combined with the spine-chilling video, like a scene from Bram Stoker's The Lair of the White Worm, directed by Dylan Johnson (Giant Click) and Jarod Evans, "Hunger" offers a mysterious, sinister atmosphere.

Watch 'Hunger' - BELOW:

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