VIDEO PREMIERE: Sin For Saints – Sad Songs

VIDEO PREMIERE: Sin For Saints - Sad Songs

Atlanta, Georgia-based Sin For Saints, fronted by Christian Cantello, unveils the music video for “Sad Songs,” a song about the manifest fall from virtue into iniquity. Whether interpreted as a caveat or a confession, “Sad Songs” portrays the ramifications of plunging into the dark side.

“Sad Songs” opens on low-slung industrial elements, full of emerging dark colours. Then the harmonics mousse up with alt-rock energy, riding heavy pummeling drums and surging guitars. Infused with hints of alt-metal, the song thrums with thick layers of muscular sound.

The video, directed by Galatian Morales, depicts the band playing in the pouring rain, followed by shifting to Cantello sitting on the steps outside his apartment complex. As he staggers down the hall to his apartment, viewers observe the effects of Cantello’s submission to indulgence: his distaste for what he has become, his emotional turmoil, and his unravelling rationality.

Yet as he gazes at the camera, his eyes glow with intensity, mirroring his comprehension of his status quo. He desperately wants out but is shackled by his own impotence.

Images of the band playing with reckless vitality and absolute passion invest the visuals with the music’s raw edginess. On “Sad Songs,” Sin For Saints confront the here and now of dissipation.

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