VIDEO PREMIERE: Parris Mitchell - I never said I’m perfect

Parris Mitchell

Lockdown saw millions of people around the world keep themselves busy by getting or being creative. One such person was New York singer-songwriter Parris Mitchell. Having grown up surrounded by music, performing in musical theatre shows and touring with his former band, the pandemic gave him plenty of time to write, find a passion for pop and immerse himself in the world of graphic design which led to him creating his own videos, adverts and artwork.

Inspired and influenced by artists such as Charlie Puth and LANY, his debut solo single ‘specifically u’ racked up more than 200k streams on Spotify within a year following its release in December 2020, and led to him being signed to label Ninetone. His music is a blend of honest, raw and deeply self-reflecting, addressing themes such as confidence and loneliness, which has helped him connect with an ever-growing audience around the world. Now here in 2022, he’s firmly established himself as an artist to watch and XS Noize are proud to premiere his latest release “i never said i’m perfect.”

Asked about the track, Parris shares: “Over the past two years I feel I’m finally coming around to myself. I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time and this song helped me get there. I wrote ‘I never said I’m perfect’ in the midst of a time where I felt that others’ standards for me were impractical, leaving me to feel inadequate. I wanted to say f*$k you without actually saying it. A song about finding the courage to embrace yourself and your flaws, giving a giant middle finger to anyone who expects you to be anything else but true to yourself.”

Watch the video for “I never said I’m perfect” - BELOW:

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