ALBUM PREMIERE: Kate Clover drops debut LP ‘Bleed Your Heart Out’

Kate Clover

Growing up in Los Angeles, California, surrounded by skaters and surfers, Kate Clover felt there was something missing in her life – like those two circles weren’t ones in which she truly belonged. She found where that was thanks to her brother and his copy of Glen E. Friedman’s book ‘Fuck You Heroes’, full of punk rock images and, after swapping the surf for live music shows, she set about ensuring she would one day be one of the artists that people everywhere were watching, listening to and being inspired by on stage. So far, it’s fair to say that career plan is working out considerably well.

Her debut album ‘Bleed Your Heart Out’, which XS Noize are proud to premiere, is musically inspired by the - currently undergoing a huge revival - sounds of classic LA punk bands such as The Germs, injected with a sound-shot of UK band Buzzcocks for good measure, while Nick Cave is a heavy influence on its lyrics.

At a time when self-discovery, love, hate, and self-preservation have been big issues to and for millions around the world – the pandemic has led many to take a good look at themselves, their lives and what they stand for – the themes of the collection are also incredibly powerful and hugely relevant.

In her own words, Kate says: “'Bleed Your Heart Out' is a time capsule of a moment in my life. I wanted to capture the vulnerability and anxiety I felt at that time. While writing the record, I was in a deep search to find myself and wanted to break set beliefs I had about myself. Punk is all about honesty and immediacy and I felt I had to stay true to that even if I was afraid. This album is about facing myself and ultimately finding myself.”

Listen to ‘Bleed Your Heart Out’ - BELOW:


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