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Harrison Barnes

We live, it could easily be argued, in a hugely judgemental and often prejudicial society, and while so many people judge others on what they see on the outside, Harrison Barnes is one of a growing number of artists speaking out – or singing about – the importance of paying MORE attention to what is on the inside.

His latest single, rather ironically titled “Fashion”, the video for which XS Noize are proud to premiere, is his way of expressing what he likes and cares about in an individual. “In today’s world,” he says, “we’re obsessed with social media and making sure our lives look perfect. We’re wearing expensive cool clothing, we have a nice car…none of that impresses me. I care about you being nice and a good person.”

Barnes has always also loved to dance – he taught himself all the choreography to Britney Spears’ videos while growing up – and his passion for it something that is showcased in the video for his new single, as he turned from being a ‘student’ of dance to teacher. “For the music video for ”Fashion”, I wanted to make something simple, fun but effective,” he explains. "I wanted this video to make a point. There are so many anti-LGBTQ+ bills going through right now that I wanted this video to be gay. These pieces of legislation are dangerous and harmful so I wanted this video to be a celebration of individuality. Representation is important and right now we cannot let these bills scare us into hiding who we are. All my dancers in this video are members of the LGBTQ+ community and I wanted to show five men in heels dancing their hearts out."

He goes on to add: “I've never danced in heels before so it was a challenge, but one I was excited to take. Leading up to Pride month and just during these scary times, I hope it helps show people that they can be whoever they want to be and to be proud of who they matter what bigoted politicians may think."

Watch the video for 'Fashion' - BELOW:

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