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Parris Mitchell

The pandemic has made many evaluate their lives, careers and ambitions, including Parris Mitchell. Having grown up doing musical theatre, through which he found his love of the music and performing until the pandemic hit, he used to take to stages everywhere with his former band. The lockdowns and restrictions of the last two years put the brakes on any plans to hit the road, but rather than wallow and feel dejected about lost opportunities, he began to look for new ones and decided to go it alone.

With plenty of time to hone his craft and create songs that were both meaningful to him and would also resonate with fans on a number of levels and in various ways – confidence and loneliness are two key themes in his work – he took complete control of his music career; not just writing songs but also working on creating his own artwork and music videos. His passion and dedication to making the music he believed in has seen him labelled as a ‘2022 artist to watch’, and his latest single is a testament to why.

“permanent +1” is a song about an instance/occasion many have likely found themselves experiencing at one point or possibly many points in their lives – turning up at an event alone. While many find this daunting, Parris has created a track that encourages those who hear it to embrace going it alone – quite like he has with his music – and enjoying the experience of doing things for and by yourself.

“Being invited this summer to so many weddings and not having a +1 date to bring has been embarrassing as I’m the only single one out of all my friends,” Parris shares the inspiration to and behind the song. “I took that feeling and made it into a bumping pop-dance track with tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Fingers crossed, all the DJs at the weddings play it ironically.”

Watch the video for “permanent +1” – BELOW:

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