VIDEO PREMIERE: Owen Meany’s Batting Stance - Breakfast Again

Owen Meany’s Batting Stance

Under the pseudonym of lo-fi folk artist Owen Meany’s Batting Stance, Daniel Walker has spent the last couple of years experiencing the adrenaline of the live circuit after the release of his self-titled EP in 2016. Marking his return in 2020, the Canadian native announces his new full-length ‘Feather Weights’, alongside his new single ‘Breakfast Again’ with LHM Records.

For Daniel, it was The Mountain Goats approach to lyricism and Conor Oberst’s nasal high-toned vocals”  that gave him the push to develop his own artistry; “they proved to me I didn’t need to have a raspy baritone or angelic falsetto to be a singer, let alone songwriter.”

New single ‘Breakfast Again’ is mournful meditation exploring the implications of lost love, as he sings ‘Strangers again with memories’. Swooning with blissful guitar strums, Daniels sweet-toned vocals layer perfectly over the humming melody that escalates into a harmonious dreamy chorus; whilst the music video delivers hazy and clean-cut shots of the lonesome artist lost in his mind.

Later on, in the video, Daniel lays in the river; a metaphorical representation of drowning in his emotions. Daniel says “Breakfast Again is about the emotions: the worries and resolution that come with no longer sharing a life with someone important to you”

Watch the video for 'Breakfast Again' - BELOW:

‘Breakfast Again’ Single and Music Video set for release September 4th via LHM Records. ‘Feather Weights’ album will be released October 2nd 2020.

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