VIDEO PREMIERE: Nine Dart Finish - 'Kicking and Screaming' - Watch Now!

VIDEO PREMIERE:  Nine Dart Finish - 'Kicking and Screaming' - Watch Now!

Nine Dart Finish releases their new single Kicking and Screaming in Jan 2018. A Midlands three-piece that combine catchy hooks and pop grooves with a quirky Rock vibe, drawing diverse influences from the likes of Weezer and Supergrass, Queen and Ian Dury, Nine Dart Finish have built up a strong and loyal following around the live circuit.

Over the last few years, the band have been to London and all around the Midlands, playing Pubs and Clubs and bringing their own brand of melodic fun with them.

Check out the video for 'Kicking and Screaming' BELOW:

Nine Dart Finish are:

Daz Yardley – Bass Guitar and lead vocals. Daz, as the lead vocalist and front-man of the band, has been playing and writing songs for years. As a former member of ‘Coffeeshop’, who were signed to a subsidiary of Geffen, Daz has music oozing from every pore. His record collection is famed for its diversity, ranging from earlier classics like Queen and Ian Dury to 90’s hits from Weezer and Supergrass. A night out with Daz and the lads isn’t considered a success unless it ends with a rousing rendition of Unchained Melody complete with vocal harmonies.

Christopher Mobbs – Guitar and backing vocals. Christopher has a unique guitar style, influenced by his love of Radiohead and Pink Floyd – a strange combination but one that produces its own special magic. Christopher began his musical adventure in a little know Birmingham band called Slow Rush, which also briefly included Andy as a guitarist, but it wasn’t long before Christopher was sharing a house with Daz and jamming with Andy, Daz and others. Around this time, the working name for the band was ‘whippet’s face’, or possibly ‘Whip its face’, nobody was quite sure but over time the members changed, Andy wandered off (no-one quite knows what he was up to, he still doesn’t know) and eventually Nine Dart Finish was born.

Andy Proudman – Drums and Percussion. Andy has been around the instruments a fair bit, starting out on drums, meandering onto Bass guitar, wandering off whimsically with a guitar, before finally realising his one true love is hitting things with sticks. Andy has played in Grunge, Nu-metal, Punk, Indie and AOR bands, and was signed to UKNew Sounds while a member of ‘Jodi Lee Parker’. He also DJs at Drum and Bass events and likes to write electro-folk, a genre he invented all by himself (only time will tell if electro-folk proves popular). Over time Andy has come to realise that he just likes music, preferably music with a banging beat, and Daz and Christopher love banging beats… a match made in heaven. Andy can mostly be found, when he isn’t wandering off, looking for snacks and daydreaming about jelly sweets.

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