VIDEO PREMIERE: Conor Furlong – ‘R.E.M. Saved My Life Tonight’ – Watch Now

VIDEO PREMIERE: Conor Furlong - 'R.E.M. Saved My Life Tonight' - Watch Now 2

“R.E.M. Saved My Life Tonight” is the lead single from Conor Furlong’s upcoming album “Rapid Eye Movement”. The single is released today, Monday 16 September, with the album to follow on Friday 20 September. 

The single is – as is the album – written, arranged, performed and produced by Conor. The song is about Conor’s love for R.E.M. and is in a roundabout way the ‘title track’ of the album.

The story of the creation of the song comes from an illness Conor suffered at the start of 2019. As a consequence of the illness Conor spent a lot of time at home with little to do but rest and recover. Up until that point, Conor had been working on new songs that he thought were good but seemingly without a destination in sight. One day, Conor happened upon an old interview of R.E.M. on YouTube which sparked his interest.

It lead to him watching many more interviews of the band. It was a eureka moment. These interviews reminded him of something he’d forgotten. It reinvigorated his love for music and the people who made that music; for the music, he grew up adoring, music that had soundtracked his life, the kind of music that now seemed so impossible to find today. It inspired him to create what would become the single and the album that is released this week.

Check out the video for ‘R.E.M. Saved My Life Tonight’ – BELOW:

The album that follows is not about R.E.M., only this single is. But the album title reflects what inspired the start of the creative process. The album is about inspiration, dreams, imagination and a dreamlike sheer love of music.

‘R.E.M. Saved My Life Tonight’ is available to stream and download HERE.


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