VIDEO PREMIERE: ColdWards – Whirlwind

ColdWards – Whirlwind

Houston, Texas-based rock outfit ColdWards unveils their new music video, "Whirlwind," an appetizer for their forthcoming album, Bloodwork, slated to drop later this summer via Wake Up! Music Rocks.

Made up of drummer Paul Crosby of Grammy-nominated, gold and platinum-certified Saliva, Sean Crosby (vocals, guitar), Zac Crosby (vocals, electronics), Richie Hey (bass), and Michael Friese (guitar), ColdWards formed in 2020 during the lockdown. Initially, it was just Paul, Sean, and Zac working on songs together for fun. Once they had a handful of songs, they decided to record. From there, things took off.

Signed to Pepper Gomez's burgeoning Wake Up! Music Rocks, ColdWards released a series of successful singles, "Say Something," "My Skeletons," and "Stained on You." With their brawny sound, vaguely reminiscent of Slipknot's primordial surging momentum and the sonic ebb and rise of Linkin Park, ColdWards' music features muscular percussion, strapping guitars, and edgy vocals.

"Whirlwind" opens on remote vocals flowing into hefty, layered guitars pumping out portentous energy. Paul's raw, thunderous drums and Richie's fat, rumbling bassline maintain the massive rhythm, while ozone-flavoured vocals give the lyrics stark, emotional urgency.

"I'm caught up in another whirlwind / I think the roof is gonna fall / I should be running for a safe space / But I can't help but be in awe / I fear that this is my creation / Embodied by my loss of control / I'll do what I can to contain it before it can ravage everything I know."

Breathtaking breakdowns shift the harmonics, adding dramatic movement, followed by ramping back up to elevated levels of crushing guitars.

Simultaneously galvanizing and elemental, interspersed with polished melodicism, "Whirlwind" hits the sweet spot.

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