INTERVIEW: Texas-based nu-metal/rock outfit COLDWARDS discuss their debut single ‘Say Something’

INTERVIEW: Texas-based nu-metal/rock outfit COLDWARDS discuss their debut single 'Say Something'

A few days ago, Houston, Texas-based nu-metal/rock outfit ColdWards introduced their debut single/music video, “Say Something,” via Wake Up! Music Rocks. The song offers an appetizer for their upcoming debut album, Bloodwork, released in 2022.

Recently signed to Pepper Gomez’s label, Wake Up! Music Rocks, ColdWards’ sound blends the visceral frisson of Slipknot with the polished, hefty alt-metal of Linkin Park, pushing out lethal auras of sonic energy delivered by chunking guitars and Jovian percussion.

XS Noize spoke with ColdWards to discover how the band got together, who is in the band, and what kind of gear they use.

What inspired your new single/music video, “Say Something?”

‘Say Something’ is about a person’s struggle with addiction and the battle they endure within themselves while feeling like they’re alone in their warlike they’re a complete outcast in a room full of people just waiting for someone to reach out to them about it.

How and when did the band get together?

It started during the Covid Lockdown around March 2020 as just writing some music together. After we wrote a few songs and loved how they came out, we decided to do an entire record and see where the music takes us.

Who is in ColdWards, and which instrument do they play?

Paul Crosby (also of the Grammy-nominated, Platinum band Saliva), Drums. Sean Crosby, Vocals/Guitar. Zac Crosby, Vocals, Electronics. Richie Hey, Bass

Let’s talk gear for a minute. What kind of guitar do the band’s guitarists play?

I have a pretty basic setup, honestly. I use a PRS 277 baritone with Bareknuckle Juggernaut Pickups and an ESP LTD BB-600. For strings, I use DR custom gauge .13-.80 and an ISP Decimator 2 to help clean up the noise in the quiet spots. For the album, I used a Kemper 5153 profile which sounds so thick and massive.

What kind of drums and cymbals does the drummer play?

Paiste cymbals endorse me. I am currently using the 9000 series colour sound cymbals in black.

Your debut album, Bloodwork, will drop in 2022. What can you share about the album?

It will have ten songs on it. And it ranges from metal riffs and double bass to an acoustic song called “You”.

How does ColdWards function? Like a democracy where everybody has a say, like a benevolent dictatorship, or something in between?

100% democracy!!

What got you into music?

Paul: It’s just always been who I am since as far back as I can remember.

Which artists/musicians had the most impact on your style of playing/singing?

Sean: As far as singing goes, I’d say 1. Chester Bennington – Linkin Park. 2. Danny Worsnop – Asking Alexandria. 3. Jeremy McKinnon – A Day to Remember had a significant influence on how I went about developing my singing voice. I still regularly listen to these guys.

Which artists, in your opinion, are killing it right now?

Sean: As far as a few bands that I think are killing it right now, I have Wage War’s new album on repeat in my truck along with some Architects and Spirit box.

ColdWards recently signed with Wake Up! Music Rocks. What does signing to a label mean to you personally?

Our goal was to be on a label that 100% believes in our music and our band. And Wake Up! Music Rocks is just that. We are completely honoured to be a part of this amazing label!

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