VIDEO PREMIERE: Broken Forest & No King No Crown – Out Into The Wild

No King No Crown & Broken Forest

A true organic breath of fresh air - Broken Forest is the music project of songwriter, singer and producer Luise London. Since she was a young child, Luise has had a great passion for nature and its connection to our lives and minds. These and other heartfelt messages are delicately translated into Broken Forest’s music, with sweet vocals hanging over a mesmerising blend of Atmospheric Indie-Folk and Organic Electronica. The sometimes harsh and coldness of modern, urban life meets the sensibility and beauty of nature.

Nature sounds are purposefully embedded into ambient synths, violin and guitar effects. The music is inspired by a variety of different genres from the traditional UK and Irish Folk, to Pop and Trip-Hop, and artists such as Bon Iver, Kate Bush or Daughter. The lyrics are filled with strong imagery representing the story, often generated through traditional tales Luise used to read as a child, combined with the struggles of today’s society through her sometimes dark, but romantic view on life.

Nature’s inspiration for Luise’s work continues into the live shows. Through projections accompanying the music, Broken Forest invites you into their world…

'Out Into The Wild' quote from Luise London (AKA Broken Forest):

"With our modern, hectic lifestyle, we often feel overwhelmed. With stressful jobs, technology around us that constantly demands our attention, and the challenges of the crowded urban space, we get caught up in everyday routines where we lose ourselves and forget to see what's really important to us.

‘Out Into The Wild’ is about exactly that; two people stuck in their daily lives, unaware of what they really feel and what they want out of life.

For them, the way out: to go into nature, to follow the call of the wild, to get away from it all, to reconnect with yourself and to start hearing the inner voice.
This soulful and honest folk-pop song is a collaboration between indie-folk artists No King No Crown and Broken Forest.

With a focus on the interplay of both voices, an atmospheric instrumentation of electric and acoustic guitars, synthesisers as well as driving beats and bass that invites listeners to leave everyday life behind and to follow into the adventure too: Ready for Out Into The Wild?"

‘We had a little adventure ourselves and a childhood dream coming true filming amongst the dinosaurs of the Saurier Park in Saxony. It just added a whole new dimension to the wild and wilderness theme.’

Watch the video for 'Out Into The Wild' with No King No Crown - BELOW:

Born in Leipzig, Luise took her first musical steps in the UK, more precisely London, where she successfully completed her Bachelor in Songwriting at the Institute for Contemporary Music Performance, which has produced artists such as Daughter and Foxes, among others. There Luise not only deepened her skills as a songwriter and independent artist, but also discovered her passion for music production,

which she deepened with a Master's degree in Audio Production at Westminster University. It was there that the story of Broken Forest began with the release of their self-produced EP 'Lost in Fairy Tales' in 2017 under their own label.

Lead singles 'Winter' and 'Peter' were not only played on independent radio stations across the UK but also received celebratory press mentions from Crack Magazine amongst others. This has earned her a performance with the band Daughter and the PRS event 'Finding the Female Headliner' alongside Annabel Allum and Nova Twins, among others.

This was followed by live shows in Milan, Italy, exciting German and UK festival appearances such as Boomtown Fair and Magical Festival and joint UK and German tour dates with No King No Crown from Dresden, in 2019.

Luise followed this up with the release of the Live EP by AWAL, recorded at the Old Church, Stoke Newington, London, as well as the single 'Ghosts in the Dark', which was voted Song of the Day by Folk Radio and in December 2020 she released a heart warming Yule inspired single 'Stories Under the Pine Tree'.

‘Wild At Heart’EP and single ‘Out Into The Wild’ (in collaboration with No King No Crown) - are both out on 29 July 2022 on Luise London Records

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