VIDEO PREMIERE: Chorus Grant - 'No Word for the Word' - Watch Now

VIDEO PREMIERE: Chorus Grant - 'No Word for the Word' - Watch Now

XS Noize today premieres a music video for “No Word For The Word” from rising folk-act Chorus Grant (a.k.a.Danish singer/songwriter and guitarist Kristian Finne).

The video sees Chorus Grant tumbling down a mental staircase portraying the intellectual overload of an anxious mind. This is also reflected in the lyrics where he sings about getting out of his head and into his body by accepting that not all things should be picked apart and investigated on an intellectual level:

“There is no word for the word/ Age of anxiety; thoughts absurd/Have got me down on my knees/Licking for teeth that are gone from the gums/Licking to swallow the trail of crumbs/Caught in a language that does not contain the word”.

Finne states: “Since my teenage years I've struggled with viewing the world through a slightly distorted lens. Whatever fosters this turmoil, the result is basically an existential uneasiness. My rumination, fears and uncertainties can bleed into almost every thought, social setting, song or strum on my guitar. Anxiety can push you back into yourself and separate you from the things you cherish in life. Not only loved ones- but also smells, sights and sounds of the world. But for each day that passes, I become better and better at putting these figures of my imagination and constructs of my own insecurity aside. ” 

“No Word For The Word” blends classical guitar and folk-laden drums with twangs of evocative 70s soft rock guitar. The song is wrapped in Nordic melancholy, stretched out between guitar-based chamber music and alternative folk-rock.

Watch the haunting new video for “No Word for the Word”- BELOW:

“Vernacular Music”, the new album from Chorus Grant, released on 27th September,  features a group of prominent musicians, including Polar Bear’s Scottish drummer Sebastian Rochford, Danish cellist, singer & composer, Caecilie Trier (a.k.a. CTM) and violinist Nils Gröndahl amongst others. The music is recorded in Copenhagen and produced in collaboration with Mads Brinch and Nis Bysted.

Vernacular Music is released on Sep 27, 2019, via Tambourhinoceros and can be pre-ordered or pre-saved here.


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