VIDEO PREMIERE: Aye! (Pronounced ‘I’) – Impossible to Possible

VIDEO PREMIERE: Aye! (Pronounced 'I') - Impossible to Possible

Japanese born artist and now London resident, Aye! (Pronounced ‘I’) releases a brilliant new single – Impossible to Possible. Her mesmerising voice has an otherworldly quality which has only added to her mystique. Add to this her formidable bass playing and song-writing, her love of disco, electronica and melody, and the result is one of the most irresistible songs of recent times. 

Aye! says “The song is about overcoming obstacles in your life and realising that you are the only person who is standing in your way. It’s all about mastering your mind and being positive rather than letting your mind master you”.

A hypnotic anthem, ‘Impossible to Possible’ is an instant classic. Aye!’s enigmatic delivery draws us into her world – wherever that may be – with her empowering and positive lyrics set against an irresistible steamy groove, delicious synths and relentless happy vibes that are guaranteed to get dancefloors erupting from London to New York, Berlin to Ibiza.

Watch the video for ‘Impossible to Possible’ – BELOW:

Aye! is a singer, songwriter and electronic musician who was born in Japan and is based in London, UK.
She started writing freestyle poems when she was 7 years old.

“When I was 11, I was already writing one lyric a day and would give them to my school teacher who would sometimes print them out and put them on the classroom wall”.

She started teaching herself to play the guitar in her teens and after seeing a Chrissie Hynde music video, she knew that she wanted to be a musical performer. She was also becoming a highly individual singer and songwriter, with a haunting, otherworldly voice.

Relocating to London to study art, she quickly fell into the city’s music scene as a singer/performance artist with other London musicians. After going solo and concentrating on electronic music, she focused her musical creativity in the studio. After an art exhibition of her paintings in Mayfair, she met and signed with Good Deeds Music.

Her artistic inspirations range from Banksy and Basquiat to Klimt, while her musical inspirations are many and varied, but would certainly include Daft Punk, Jeff Buckley and Madonna.
Aye!’s first release is the hypnotic anthem “Impossible to Possible”, a thrilling electro extravaganza which sums up the philosophy close to her heart.

Aye! says “I was driving in my car and I thought up the bassline and the song melody in my head so I stopped the car and recorded it on my phone. Then the lyric “Impossible to Possible” almost immediately came to me. I was thinking about the challenges I had in my life at the time and how I could overcome them and win through the situation”.

“Quite a few people have told me that I should share my thoughts on life so I am putting my message to myself into my lyrics just in case they could be useful for someone in the world”.

Her current dream is to invite Nile Rodgers to play on her songs and to play on the same bill as Daft Punk.

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