TRACK PREMIERE: The Borstal Boys – Walkin’ Away

TRACK PREMIERE: The Borstal Boys - Walkin’ Away

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based rock outfit The Borstal Boys introduce their brand-new single, “Walkin’ Away,” lifted from their forthcoming debut album, slated for release later this year. With their snarling, edgy sound, vaguely reminiscent of The Faces, The Rolling Stones, and The New York Dolls, The Borstal Boys pump out swaggering, swashbuckling music.

Initially, the solo project of Rocky Lamonde (bass, songwriter), The Borstal Boys in due course expanded into a band, adding Vinny Q (guitar, songwriter), Mark Ponsonby (vocals), Joe Pelesky (keyboards), and Matt Ferrante (drums). In 2018, they released their self-titled EP.

Talking about “Walkin’ Away,” Rocky shares, “The song is about toxic relationships where you want to work on things, but the person is just there for themselves. It’s about finally getting fed up and leaving.” The song’s lyrics reflect the frustration of a relationship revolving around only one person, leaving the other party feeling like little more than a diversion.

“I’ll be a fool if I stay in this / Like who is ya playing with / I’m tired of ya / Oh wow how you’re shaking it / Wait, let me focus / Ya I know that you gorgeous / I’m sick of your games.”

Opening on a visceral drum shuffle, followed by oozing, blues-flavoured guitars and bright, braying horns, “Walkin’ Away” ripples with luscious, sensuous muscle, at once raw and dripping with down-and-dirty textures topped by gang-like vocals. When rapper Gallo Locknez’s flow enters, the lyrics take on a caustic bite, narrating how he feels about the situation.

Boiling on viscous blues-rock flavours, “Walkin’ Away” rolls and heaves with contagious, simmering energy. Listen BELOW:

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