TRACK PREMIERE: Tali - (Don’t) Wanna Be Yours

TRACK PREMIERE: Tali - (Don’t) Wanna Be Yours 2
Credit: Stephanie Pehar

24-year old, Toronto singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tali today premieres her new single '(Don’t) Wanna Be Yours' from her upcoming EP exclusively on XS Noize.

"(Don’t) Wanna Be Yours": can’t-live-with-him can’t-live-without-him romantic conundrum. The song came to me when the guy about whom I wrote this song, lit up his chocolate-flavoured cigars even when I’d ask him if he would not smoke around me, and he still did. This song details other ways he’d get on my nerves in our short-lived romance, such as how differently he’d treat me around his friends. This song was written in Nicaragua."

About the EP: Shadows title concept: The title “Shadows” tells of an evolution and growth (two following EPs we want to release in the future tell an unfolding story, “In-Between Girl” and “Out Of My Skin”). “Shadows” talks of the transition from adolescence into young adulthood. Coming out of the Shadows: learning about myself, relationships, getting a sense of the world around me in ways I never knew before. Other interpretations of “Shadows” are the battle/contrast between the mind and the heart (the paradox) and how one always follows closely to the other, walking closely behind like a shadow; love and loss, letting the old fall into the shadows and new love come into your life; losing yourself and falling into the shadows, and coming back to yourself even stronger. “Shadows” encapsulates the nighttime; peoples' true natures coming out of the shadows (in relationships etc.) I'm a night owl, I love the night - the art cover really displays these themes.

Listen to '(Don’t) Wanna Be Yours' - BELOW:


01. (Don’t) Wanna Be Yours

02. Back To You

03. Walking Paradox

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