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Sofi Vonn

Throughout her career, Sofi Vonn has earned herself a solid following because of how the powerful and emotive songs she writes and shares with the world highlight topics and issues that many of us can relate to, such as society. The impressive way she seamlessly blends thought-provoking lyrics with light, fun, often catchy melodies helps her tracks feel modern but deeply relatable – while also making them hard to get out of your head.

It’s been said for some time now that a critical part of having good overall mental and physical health comes from liking who you are and understanding that you are genuinely unique and that no one is or will ever be you but you. The theme of self-acceptance – a suitable one given that we’re in Mental Health Awareness Month – is the focus of Sofi’s latest single, “Rumors”; she says the track is very special too and for her.

“It’s about my journey of self-acceptance,” she explains. “During college – or university, as we say in the UK – I had a hard time dealing with my sexuality. People (not ones I was close with or even friends with) would often start rumours about me and who I was interested in. Any new friend I made, especially if it was someone a guy was into at the time, I’d be “in love with.” 

She goes on: “I always knew that I would lead a much more interesting life than any of the people involved in these rumours, which I did at the time and do now even more so. Most of them moved to New York to pursue finance, hanging out with the same friends in shitty bars like they are still students – hence the chorus, “I’m better this way.”

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