Today, we’re pleased to be premiering the new release from hugely talented composer/songwriter Sebastian Pecznik, whose pop alias SECH (his nickname since childhood) is about to skyrocket once people get their ears around his debut pop release, fittingly themed around the joys of wholesome Christmas spirit with future classic ‘Edge Of My Heart’, which is out today via Warner Chappell Production Music in time to land as the star on Top Of The Pops’ Christmas tree.

This epic mid-tempo pop song was written by Sech, with the positive end now in sight after a gruelling few years for just about everyone on Earth. It emphasizes a jazzy, swinging orchestral arrangement and saccharine fresh lyrics delivered perfectly, so that repeated play never sounds tired. The vocals are sung scrumptiously by British artist Sophie Sutton, whom Sech invited to his studio for this feature.

On the track, Sech says, “By mid-2021 I had written so much music… especially in the Epic Orchestral realm and “modern Vivaldi / neoclassical” style (probably what I’m mostly known for in Europe), that “Edge of my Heart” came to me as a lovely surprise while moving my fingers playfully through the keys! I loved writing this tune so much, it made me remember why I love making music! I felt like…" oh, this is a catchy little riff…’ and then I just started to hum the melody as if I had known it since forever!”

With this new Christmas cracker, he operates under a new pseudonym “by. Sech”. He goes on to say, “‘Edge of my Heart’, is, of course, a Christmas carol, but also a sweet eternal song of hope. We all have those days where everything seems to go wrong, but we need to believe that tomorrow can be better.”

The message of the song is clear. There is light, love and warmth waiting at the end of the tunnel. And not just at Christmas time. Listen to it below here first!

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