TRACK PREMIERE: Nashville Alt-Pop artist RAEYA returns with 'Escape'

TRACK PREMIERE: Nashville Alt-Pop artist RAEYA returns with 'Escape'

Nashville Alt-Pop artist RAEYA is back with the airy new single ‘Escape’. Having already made a name for herself with features across tastemaker blogs for her previous release ‘Just Wanna Say’, Raeya is looking to maintain the momentum gained and propel herself to even higher heights.

Once again demonstrating her ability to create emotive and dreamy electronic-pop music that’s packed with artistic flair, Raeya brings together elements of Electronica, Indie, Pop and Folk into a unique, dreamy Alt-Pop package. Built around her haunting vocals, delicate piano lines and subtle synth and guitar lines akin to Imogen Heap, the new single ‘Escape’ builds a beautiful, bright and hazy soundscape as the track floats ethereally over it’s crunching electronic beats.

Speaking on ‘Escape’, RAEYA said: “I love writing music that is outside of the box. When I create, I want the concept I am writing about in the song to feel like an actual experience in the duration of that track. I wrote the song Escape around the concept of being transcended into a higher reality, free from anxiety, fear, pain, and heaviness. I wrote the piano and guitar parts in this track to escalade into an ethereal euphoria with the hopes that it can make people feel a moment of rest, safety, and peace. The words and lyrics are all about having an almost out of body experience, where you can seem to escape the pressures and heaviness that we feel in the world. ”

Listen to 'Escape' - BELOW:

Having previously played live for the likes of Sofar Sounds and been featured across tastemaker music sites including the likes of Earmilk, Notion, Rolling stone India, Purple Melon, FMS and CLOUT, Raeya is set to continue on her journey to stardom.

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