VIDEO PREMIERE: Urban-pop producer and rapper DICI unveils – Flip

VIDEO PREMIERE: Urban-pop producer and rapper DICI unveils - Flip

Urban-pop producer and rapper DICI unveils the music video, “Flip,” offering an appetiser for his forthcoming debut album, DOSES. Last year’s quarantine kickstarted DICI’s amazing musical ascent. While in lockdown, the Italian born, raised in Milan and Miami high school student, who had learned the basics of making beats and production at a friend’s house, came across a video by producer Kenny Beats.

DICI explains, “He was talking about how before he was famous, he had locked himself in a room and worked all day long. Everything was about work ethic. It hit me that I’d wasted half the summer. After I watched that clip, I literally dedicated 12 hours plus every day to music – waking up, doing music, going to sleep, on repeat.”

Shortly after that, DICI released his self-titled EP via his own label, DICI Records, LLC, followed by a series of infectious singles, leading to an international fanbase, 1.5 million views on YouTube, and more than one million streams on Spotify.

The video, directed by Emmy-winning director and cinematographer Brian Bayerl, depicts DICI breaking into a mansion where he performs a private gig for the security cameras while narrating the fickleness of people who once upon a time said he would never make it but now applaud his success and want to bask in the aura of his fame.

“Flip” opens on chiming colours flowing into a potent banging rhythm, pulsating with syncopated tight percussion and a thumping kick-drum. DICI’s machine-gun flow imbues the rhymes with heat and brash articulation.

Brimming with hefty trap dynamics and DICI’s tantalizing delivery, “Flip” hits hard, like a punch to the solar plexus.

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