TRACK PREMIERE: Megan Slankard presents her new single 'Something More'

Megan Slankard

Megan Slankard has achieved and done a lot throughout her career so far. She's sung duets with Pat Monahan and Train, toured with Dire Straits' David Knopfler, played electric guitar on Jimmy Kimmel and sung the National Anthem for the San Francisco Giants seven times, once while dressed as Princess Leia.

For her artistry and music, she's also been praised by Glide Magazine and V13, and her new single "Something More" looks set to ensure the praise keeps on coming and that her star keeps rising.

Asked about the inspiration for and behind the new track, Megan shares: "My favourite band, since I was ten years old, has been The Beatles. And during the time I wrote this song, I had been revisiting some of their earlier work. There is something about that happy, boppy music that I've always really loved. I wanted to try to incorporate those influences in this new song, "Something More", while still letting the crazy muses in my head lead me down all their rabbit holes, lyrically and instrumentally."

The song also has an extremely powerful and important message, as she explains: "To me, this song is about staying true to yourself and walking your own path, regardless of what others around you want you to do. This is a song for all of you who have ever had to hold on tight to your heart and just go for it."

"Something More" features on Megan's upcoming album 'California & Other Stories', set for release on October 28th. The collection highlights her impressive evolution as an artist and showcases her musical and lyrical talents with a blend of rock and roll and emphatic, gorgeous soundscapes and harmonies.

Listen to "Something More" - BELOW:


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