TRACK PREMIERE: Lazy Queen - Sober

TRACK PREMIERE: Lazy Queen - Sober
Photo Credit: Lukka Fogie

Straight off the back of releasing the explosive single ‘Throwaway’, Oslo-based alt-rock outfit Lazy Queen continue down the rabbit hole of exploring the complex nature of addiction on ‘Sober’. In contrast to the previous single, it’s a track that explores the ongoing struggle of sobriety in an addictive personality. Showcasing the nuanced nature of recovery, through the vehicle of raw, punk-spirited guitar music. Henrik elaborates:

Growing up, I wish I’d been presented with a more nuanced picture of what recovery looks like. More often than not, I don’t really see the Hollywood-perfect story arc of heroically fighting your daemons, finding resolution and living happily ever after that we’re presented in a lot of media fitting into real life. Recovery isn’t linear, it’s continuous work, and it’s okay to make mistakes along the way. It’s been important to me to remind myself that I’m not a total failure just because I haven’t reached that “perfect place” yet, even though it might feel like it. It’s that frustration we wanted to capture in the song.

A project deeply personal to lead singer Henrik, the Lazy Queen message looks to break down stereotypes around identity, depression and addiction. The product of an international meeting of minds between New York and Oslo, the band started out on a hectic and determined touring schedule across the Nordic live scene. Set on becoming the most raucous live act in Norway, they built a loyal fanbase through their pissed off, reckless bubble punk style.

They soon began recording and releasing original music and found crucial online support for their musical message. Previous releases including ‘Throwaway’, went on to coverage from Wonderland Magazine, NYLON and Red Bull Music. Apple Music have also supported their releases in their ‘New Music Daily’ playlist alongside worldwide support from both Tidal and Spotify.

The new single ‘Sober’, sonically appropriates that despondent, empty feeling after the party has come to a painful ending. Still emboldened with the raw, Lazy Queen spirit - It’s a potent, yet melancholic exploration of working to find balance and normality.

Listen to ‘Sober’ - BELOW:

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