TRACK PREMIERE: DejaVilla – ‘Gravy’ featuring Runkus

TRACK PREMIERE: DejaVilla – 'Gravy' featuring Runkus

Electronic/reggae duo DejaVilla introduces their new single, “Gravy,” featuring Runkus, via Ultra Music, a tasty blend of hip-hop, reggae, Afrobeats, and dance tinctures.

Made up of two artists – David Marston and Sarah Couch – from Kingston, Jamaica, where they attended the same schools, the twosome joined forces as DejaVilla in 2017, after being reintroduced by a mutual friend. The core of their musical chemistry draws from the sounds of their island home: David provides the dance riddims, while Sarah delivers voluptuous lyrics by means of her patois-flavoured voice.

DejaVilla attracted vast attention with their debut single, “Suit a Rebel,” an R&B-laced tune riding a bewitching hip-hop rhythm. They followed with “Feel Me Running Away,” featuring Kat C.H.R., travelling on erotic layers of R&B fused with chillwave house nuances.

2019 saw DejaVilla release “Ochi to Mobay,” a seductive tune laced with dub, reggae, and R&B savours. “Ochi to Mobay” appeared on their self-titled debut EP, via Ultra Music, offering six-tracks spiked with tropical Afrobeats and dreamy tints.

“Gravy” opens on kaleidoscopic colour topped by Sarah’s posh Jamaican dialect-infused tones, at once enticing and smouldering with intoxicating sensuality. Runkus’ voice compliments the vibe of the tune, injecting the lyrics with yummy rapping flow.

A slapping bassline and tight, syncopated percussion give the rhythm a thrilling sultry cadence, simultaneously potent and teasing.

With their swanky amalgamation of stylish sonic milieus, DejaVilla looks set to catch the fancy of beaucoup fans.

Listen to ‘Gravy’ featuring Runkus – BELOW:

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