TRACK PREMIERE: Born Lost – Mouthpiece

TRACK PREMIERE: Born Lost – Mouthpiece

Philly-based hard rock outfit Born Lost introduces their new single, “Mouthpiece,” a track from their upcoming EP, All In, slated for release later this year via Revolver Records.

Made up of Lou Cuello (guitar, vocals), Matt Ciliberto (drums), and Kyle Baker (bass), Born Lost was put together by Lou Cuello after being away from music for five years. His mother, a singer in The Stray Cats, passed five years ago, sending Lou into a tailspin. Eventually, he recovered by embracing what his mother had taught him – that no matter what life throws at you, music is always there to keep you going.

Born Lost’s songs reveal two themes: first, the darkness Lou travelled through, including uncontrolled self-indulgence, isolation, and ignorance of an off-ramp, and second, hope. In the end, Lou escaped. If he could, so can anyone else.

“Mouthpiece” opens on raw, platinum guitars topped by Lou’s snarling voice, and then rolls into a Jovian rhythm riding hammering percussion and a heavy bassline. Retro hints of ‘80s rock pump the harmonics full of steroidal muscle, pushing out thick layers of visceral sound. A dazzling guitar solo allows Lou to parade his wizardry on his axe.

Born Lost’s sound, at once primordial and heavy-duty, hits like a jackhammer to the solar plexus.


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