TRACK PREMIERE: Alexander Hulme encapsulates wanderlust in cinematic folk pop single ‘Travelling’

TRACK PREMIERE: Alexander Hulme encapsulates wanderlust in cinematic folk pop single ‘Travelling’

Fast-rising singer and songwriter Alexander Hulme anticipates his debut EP ‘Slow Down’, with cinematic new single ‘Travelling’.

‘Travelling’ brings an unexpected twist to Alexander’s folk-pop genesis, whilst channelling more of that warm and effervescent energy that he brings to everything he creates. With swirling and dramatic layers, making use of the artist’s multi-instrumental skills, ‘Travelling’ builds from a mysterious introduction and verse into a mighty driving chorus. ‘Travelling’ is a fresh and energetic effort that combined with his recent releases perfectly showcases his skills as a dynamic songwriter and performer.

Written entirely by the artist himself and produced by David Alexander Lomelino, Alexander’s upcoming EP ‘Slow Down’ marks the next vital stage in his growing and fledgling career. Showcasing his breadth for smooth and enticing songwriting, the new four-track EP makes for an embracing and organic listen that will see him capture the hearts of thousands, if not millions.

Speaking about the new track, Alexander said, “Travelling was written in 2019 back when I took being able to leave the country and explore some of the magic that is out there on this rock in space for granted. Myself and my partner have always been quite restless, always looking on the horizon for the next great adventure, we really find hard to put down roots. I think it’s a side effect of university if I’m honest. We got used to moving house every year and then after uni we hopped around our parents houses, rented accommodation and places all across the country, so we both find it quite hard to stand still at times.

Travelling was written just before my holiday to Thailand back in 2019 and was all about finally being able to scratch that itch. Since the pandemic days myself and Gemma have really had to come to terms with putting down roots and finding some sort of peace whilst stationary. I think in hindsight it was actually really good for us!

However, Travelling is all about the adventure, the excitement and wonder that comes from throwing off the every day for a life more exciting.

Listen to 'Travelling' - BELOW:

‘Travelling’ will be available on every platform from October 20th.

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