TRACK OF THE DAY: Wet Leather - 'I Was Wrong' - Listen Now!

TRACK OF THE DAY: Wet Leather - 'I Was Wrong' - Listen Now!

Wet Leather’s newest single shamelessly delivers massive hooks and a deep-pocket groove with a nod to their 80’s idols. Coping the sinewy falsetto and chicken-scratch guitar of Prince’s immortal self-titled record, Wet Leather delivers infectious, soaring melodies worthy of the purple-one—not to mention the screaming, over-the-top guitar solo. Indeed, this is not a band beholden to current trends, they don’t shy away from unfashionable gestures like these, and that’s just one reason why the song is so much fun.

But they put a fresh spin on synth funk with a wry lyrical perspective. Yes, this is an upbeat anthem, but the propulsive groove of I Was Wrong is profoundly at odds with the downcast lyrics and their ambivalence about romantic love. Not merely a song about heartbreak, I Was Wrong is sceptical of human relationships in general. The tension between the lyrics and the musically effervescent track perfectly encapsulates the band’s ethos of joy through sorrow, or maybe that’s vice versa…

Check out 'I Was Wrong' BELOW:

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