Track of the Day: Rituals -‘Black River’

Track of the Day: Rituals -'Black River'

Chasing the night up and down the gothic alleyways and around the stately squares of Edinburgh, four-man ‘RITU▲LS’ find their musical heart beating to a disconcerting pattern that isn’t altogether unfamiliar. Their first public outing with the single, Black River, released on Skeleton Key on Friday 30 September 2016 reveals perhaps the new, quintessentially British band and one of a distinct, mischievously Dickensian shade.

Formed from the most talented offcuts of defunct bands earlier in 2016, the only chapter in RITU▲LS’ short story begins with an almost immediate meeting The Coral’s James Skelly after travelling to perform in Liverpool. Rushed into Parr Street Studios to work with Skelly and co-producer, Richard Turvey (The Coral, She Drew The Gun), their conspicuously theatrical sound is preserved in their first release, with more set to follow.

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