James Atkin (EMF) releases his new single 'Love Blind' as a single on the 11th of March 2016. Alongside a 12' Love Blind EP package including mixes by Jay Lamb, Mango Trasher, Dollboys North Street Dub Mix & Aids Big Drum. Love Blind is lifted from James's debut solo album ‘A Country Mile'.

‘Love Blind' is a big bold electronic pop song, with a hypnotic wide eye’d quality. So these bubbling beats are decorated by James Atkin’s trademark vocals, each note is imbued with uplifting melodies that possesses the life affirming quality of someone with a wealth of experience at capturing bittersweet moments of life and distilling them into great pop songs.

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James Atkin has an impressive CV as singer and songwriter with EMF, he was nominated for an Ivor Novello award which placed James Atkin amongst the highest echelon of his songwriting peers. He is also a member of a far more exclusive club, he is one of only twenty artists to reach the number one spot in the US singles chart with their first ever release. A feat James and his band EMF achieved when they hit the top spot with their classic single 'Unbelievable' in 1991.

Signed by EMI/Parlophone after just four gigs without even making a demo tape, becoming both a teen idol on the cover of Smash Hits and an indie icon on the front of the NME, getting sued by Yoko Ono, experiencing UFO encounters in the desert - all of these things happened to James when he was barely out of his teens.

Chart topping releases and world tours with EMF in the years that followed with massive 21st century international successes under various dance music guises including his involvement in Bentley Rhythm Ace. Which all led up to the point in 2015 when James released and toured his first ever solo album 'A Country Mile'.


James Atkins solo dates

January 16th Trades Hebden
May 29th London 100club (with Space)
May 30th Darven music festival.

EMF dates in 2016

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