TRACK OF THE DAY: Inkfields - 'Snare Yourself' - Listen Now!

TRACK OF THE DAY: Inkfields - 'Snare Yourself' - Listen Now!

Rising British singer-songwriter Inkfields has released his new single Snare Yourself, the lead track from upcoming debut album Beneath The Waves (set for release in February of next year). The energetic new track is an impressive cocktail of indie-rock energy, floor-filling 70s disco beats and spiralling guitar hero riffs.

“Snare Yourself is about not living your life by the rulebook,” says Inkfields main man Samuel-James Griffiths. “It’s based on a chance encounter with an overly grumpy, rules and regulations focused individual. That’s the literal inspiration but it could be about your general approach to life and avoiding becoming a robot or the same as everyone else.”

Since 2015, Inkfields has been busy developing his songwriting into an expansive and adventurous indie rock sound influenced by Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys and Coldplay. After building an early fanbase with a series of acoustic gigs and street busking performances across the UK and Germany, his first EP Paperless Book sold over 500 copies and his follow up EPs You Forgot The Roots and Danger Moose picked up press acclaim and radio airplay across Europe and the USA. Now his debut full-length record will cement his place as one of the best new artists in the UK.

Inkfields will be playing live shows in support of the new album and single - for more dates and info head to

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